[RECAP] MBC ‘I Live Alone’ Struggles Without MC Jun Hyun Moo

The first episode without MC Jun Hyun Moo aired on March 15 where all the cast members struggle without their leader.

Brief background on MBC’s I Live Alone

MBC’s entertainment reality TV program, I Live Alone has been airing every week since March 2013 where cast members and guests view and comment about the current episode. Known for having popular guests (e.g. idols, actors) appear on the show in addition to the hilarious scenes from the cast members, I Live Alone is recognized to be one of the most popular variety shows in Korea. Even MBC’s Omniscient Interviewing View can be said to derived from this show. Former MC Jun Hyun Moo became familiar with his girlfriend model Han Hye Jin while filming on this show in 2017. The couple announced their breakup and temporary leave from the show last month.

Regular cast members: Park Narae, Gian84, Lee Si Eon, Sung Hoon, Henry, Hwasa

Commenters on this week’s episode: Park Narae, Sung Hoon, Lee Si, Gian84


The opening scene shows only Park Narae and Gian84 in the studio. As the 2 members worry how they will carry on the show, cut to Sung Hoon and Lee Si Eun joining them to offer some support during this crisis.


This week’s episode showed ‘The Idiots’ minus Henry in Hong Kong. The 3 men explore a market where maknae Kian84 goes a little crazy buying various things. All the commentators back at the studio ask Kian84 why he suddenly bought so many things given he’s known to be a scrooge. According to Lee Si Eun, Kian84 recently bought a used car that had 200,000 miles very cheaply. But within a week of buying that used car, it broke down so now it’s in a shop called ‘I’m sick’.


Heading to accommodations

After shopping and eating at the market, the ‘3 idiots’ head to their accommodations for the night. Lee Si Eun aka Captain Idiot is responsible for making the reservations tells his brothers to look forward to the ‘Iron Man Room’. Amid everyone’s expectations, the room turns out to…not be themed out in ‘Iron Man’ .


But instead cute and lovely room for princesses aka Disney princesses theme!

Lee Si Eun apologizes for his confusion, apparently when he made the reservations he got his english words mixed up, “Iron Man”, “prince and princess.” The 3 idiots look at the 2 princess beds and try to decide who’s going to sleep on the floor. Hence, the pool battle commences. 

Gian84 tries to copy everything Sung Hoon hyung does since its cool, Sung Hoon gets challenged to various games in the pool. Not surprisingly, Sung Hoon wins (former professional swimmer).

Park Narae is astonished at the mix up asking Lee Si Eun to regurgitate the chocolate he just ate. Apparently the staff of the show were really worried with two people no longer present, they gave the commenters chocolate for the first time ever to get some energy.

Park Narae struggles as the new MC

From the beginning of this episode, Park Narae tries her best to fill the empty space left by Jun Hyun Moo. Unfortunately, even when Park Narae says something that’s sort of common sense, the other commentators aren’t able to react since they don’t know what’s the correct answer to everyone’s disappointment.


Throughout the episode, MC Jeon Hyun Moo is even more greatly missed. Especially when the 3 idiots decide to drink before going to bed, they all display their funny sense of humor struggling to order in broken english. Hilariously Park Narae becomes confused with what’s the right phrase since there’s no one to rely on. Trying to order, ‘The idiots’ go through all the difficulty of ordering alcohol and snacks then Lee Si Eun tries to add an order of “toothpaste” to everyone’s astonishment at what he’s trying to say. (Lee Si Eun clearly doesn’t know what he was trying to order.)

At the end, Kian84 comments back at the studio “we’re close to being cancelled, we need to get our game together since 2 people left the house.”

The cast members are clearly trying to end it on an optimistic note, promising the remaining fun part of Hong Kong segment- preview shows all the idiots gathered together including Henry! And – Jessi’s guest segment!

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Anda Returns to the Stage on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ in 2 & 1/2 years

Anda returned to the stage in 2 years and 6 months with her new song What Are You Waiting For.


On March 10, Anda stood on the stage for the first time in 2 years and 6 months at SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ with What Are You Waiting For. Anda’s return to the stage has many fans anticipating an amazing performance with collaborator R.Tee.

Check out M/V Anda’s ‘What Are You Waiting For’



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[RECAP] Michuri: Who Will Be Taking 10 Million Won Home This Week?

SBS’s Michuri 8 1000 returned for a second season last week on February 15, which has been reported to be even more exciting than before!

Current cast members:MC Yoo Jae Suk, Yang Se Hyung, Jang Do Yeon, Son Dam Bi, Song Kang, Im Soo Hyang, Kim Sang Ho, Kang Ki Young

Guest: Jeon So Min (episodes 1-2) 

Grand Prize: 10,000,000 KRW (~$10,000)

Brief background

Michuri 8 1000 aka Village Survival is an up and coming reality TV show where 8 people are given hints to solve a mystery within a time limit to win the reward (10,000,000 KRW). The first season aired on November 16, 2018 to December 21, 2018 and has returned for its second season.


Continuing after last week’s episode, the episode starts with the members preparing for dinner. The members in charge of dinner are Jeon So Min and Kang Ki Yong. [This reminds me of SBS’s Family Outing (2008-2010)!]

Someone found the check

As everyone heads out to search for the remaining hints, Jeon So Min wanders around confused with where to even find the clues when she finally solves her first hint in 12 hours. During this time, everyone except Jeon So Min has realized what all the hints are trying to say.

As everyone rushes back to look for the check (worth $10,000), it’s soon discovered to have already been taken. During this time, it is finally revealed who selected the red ball thus the person who chose where to hide the check.

Everyone guesses it is most likely Son Dam Bi who took the 10 million won check given her actions. Someone even shares they saw Son Dam Bi hanging around the location of the check.

However while Son Dam Bi is celebrating in exuberance for finding the check, she doesn’t know nearly everyone else is suspecting her.

Next Morning

The owner of the red ball is finally revealed to everyone’s surprise. Thus he can not take the money since it has already been discovered by someone.

Voting for the suspects commences, where Son Dam Bi gets everyone’s vote. Because 2 people found the check together, all the members need to vote for an additional suspect.

As a result, Son Dam Bi fails to take half the prize. Alternatively, the other suspected member Yang Se Hyung is proven to have not been in cahoots with Son Dam Bi.

Instead Son Dam Bi’s partner is announced to be….. Kang Ki Yong!

Next week’s teaser: The guest for next week is none other than Momoland’s Yeon Woo!

Brief Afterthoughts

This was the first time I watched this show due to the suggestion of my coworker at Kpoplove. It was by far more interesting than I anticipated and seems to be very promising! The show’s format reminds me a lot of SBS’s Family Outing that was also led by MC Yoo Jae Suk in the late 2000s. Gathering hints and searching for clues seems to be more complex and challenging than SBS’s Running Man. While the show still seems to be revising and adjusting its format based on demand, I’ll be looking forward to what the rest of the season has to offer.

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[RECAP] Mamamoo’s Hwasa Takes The Day Off On MBC’s “I Live Alone”

On this week’s episode of MBC’s I Live Alone titled Love Yourself, the show’s favorite guest,  Mamamoo’s Hwasa finally made her reappearance again!

MBC I Live Alone‘s highly popular and anticipated guest was none other than Mamamoo’s Hwasa! Hwasa has previously guest starred on multiple episodes of MBC’s I Love Alone in 2018 causing a sensation after each appearance. In addition, Hwasa ended up taking the rookie trophy home from the MBC Entertainment Awards for her segments on I Live Alone.

Brief background on MBC’s I Live Alone

MBC’s entertainment reality TV program, I Live Alone has been airing every week since March 2013 where cast members and guests view and comment about the current episode. Known for having popular guests (e.g. idols, actors) appear on the show in addition to the hilarious scenes from the cast members, I Live Alone is recognized to be one of the most popular variety shows in Korea. Even MBC’s Omniscient Interviewing View can be said to derived from this show. Current MC Jun Hyun Moo became familiar with his girlfriend model Han Hye Jin while filming on this show in 2017.

Regular cast members: Jun Hyun Moo, Park Narae, Han Hae Jin, Gian84, Lee Si Eon, Henry

Commenters on Hwasa’s segment: Jun Hyun Moo, Park Narae, Han Hae Jin, Mamamoo’s Hwasa, Sung Hoon, Gian84


Opening scene to all commenters gathered together in the studio. MC Jun Hyun Moo starts off with congratulating Hwasa for accomplishing an “all kill” on all the music charts for her solo debut with “Twit”.

Cut to the first scene of Hwasa at home, lying in bed, watching the movie “I am Sam” and eating tangerines without the lights on. Interview cuts to Hwasa saying that “today is a rest day” where she plans to rest at home.

After rolling around in bed for a long time, Hwasa reaches for a book next to her bed while remarking “I’m bored” and finally leaves her bed to turn on the lights. As the camera focuses on the book Hwasa had just grabbed-Art of Peeling Tangerines-commenter Park Narae comments Hwasa seems to have unique books at home referring to the other unique books she saw last time at Hwasa’s home.

Hwasa moves to the sofa and ties her long hair into the trademark top bun and begins looking for an easy activity to try from the book. As Hwasa skims through various pages of making animal figures out of tangerine peels, she decides to try making a bunny rated with 1 star for difficulty.

Hwasa attempts to understand where she needs to start from the instructions (since instructions aren’t numbered or clearly organized) for peeling a tangerine into a bunny shape. In her confused state, she reads a part that states a random fact about how “Rabbits reproduce a lot” to which she reacts with “what kind of dog information is this.”

Cut to the surprised commenters back at the studio to which Gian84 explains authors sometimes add irrelevant information to make the book thicker to increase sales. Hence, why there’s random information in that book.

Hwasa starts crafting her bunny with the tangerine by first drawing the bunny shape with a pen. Unfortunately, as Hwasa cuts along the lines, tangerine juice squirts into her eyes. After getting over the sudden squirt, she’s peeling her bunny out of the tangerine where the finished product is finally revealed!

Once seeing the finished product, everyone back at the studio is laughing at how it looks so different from the expected cute bunny. Cut back to Hwasa who isn’t deterred from her first try and decides her next target will be a horse (difficulty: 2 stars). As the next product is finally revealed-success! It looks like a horse! Hwasa continues to successfully peel a monkey (difficulty: 3 stars) and long tailed rooster (difficulty: 5 stars) from a tangerine to her satisfaction.

Finally meal time!

Hwasa, hungry after her arts and craft time, heads to the kitchen and starts making instant Jjajang ramen! As everyone back at the studio starts salivating while watching Hwasa make her meal, the commenters are shocked at her cooking method which is different from the instructions. Interestingly, Hwasa adds the soup base before the noodles have started boiling and instead lets it simmer for a long time. Followed by adding her secret ingredient-Truffle Oil-which makes the JJajang ramen very rich and luxurious.

While the noodles are done cooking, Hwasa prepares an egg yolk to add as a garnish to her noodle dish but unfortunately the yolk ends up breaking while placed on a bowl. So Hwasa prepares another egg yolk.

After putting the noodles and egg yolks to a plate, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Hwasa grabs an instant meat balls to heat up. After which, Hwasa finally heads to the table with her noodles and meatballs and starts to eat.

Cut back to everyone back at the studio salivating with hunger, Hwasa eats the plate of noodles and comments to herself “It was so good!” Predictably, Hwasa takes her plates back to her kitchen after which she heads back to the bed for a nap.

Time to beat the game

After nap time, Hwasa gets up and heads to her arcade machine! She starts off with collecting all her coins from the arcade machine to use again during her game session. (The benefits of being the arcade owner!) Then she proceeds to insert enough coins for 21 rounds into the arcade machine.

During the game, Hwasa becomes so focused she ends up breaking her nails and reveals various expressions like deep focus, glares, smiles etc. until the end of the game when she finally clears the final round. Thus, her mini happy dance commences.

After Hwasa finishes up with the game, she unplugs the arcade machine and heads straight to the sofa to a rest time. Soon after, she’s removing her fake nails in preparation for her Twit m/v filming. During this time, Hwasa shares she doesn’t have enough time to go to the salon to get her nails done. As a result, she usually requests for various fake nail designs to be prepared for her in advance so she can do them at home.

Time to wig it up and meditate!

Hwasa opens her long awaited packaged which turns out to be wigs she’s ordered from abroad. Hwasa shares she was inspired to wear wigs when she saw Hollywoods celebrities wear wigs to events. Thus, a fitting for wigs follows of which each result is contrary to expectations.

Back at the studio, it turns out Hwasa brought the wigs to give to the commenters. Resulting in the following scenes where all the men to try the wigs on.

Camera rolls back to Hwasa ending her day filming for the show with a session of meditation which helps her relax amidst her busy schedule.

During the ending interview, Hwasa comments it was a very productive day and expresses her satisfaction on a restful day at home.

Brief Afterthought

It is always a pleasure to watch Mamamoo’s Hwasa on MBC’s I Live Alone. She reminds Kpop fans that behind all the glitzy charisma seen on camera, Kpop idols are just like us ordinary folks who like to remove their makeup and just chill at home.

I personally became Hwasa’s fan after her first appearance on this show last year and I’m so glad to see she’s getting much love and attention for her solo debut! Check out the Twit M/V.


Based soley on Hwasa’s appearance on this show, I think she is very good at creating content. Hwasa is able to make something that would be considered ordinary into something special and memorable. Like this week’s arts and crafts with tangerine peels! How is genius is that? I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a trend.

Like previous episodes of Hwasa’s I Live Alone segments, Hwasa’s mukbang is truly the best in increasing one’s appetite. I really ended up craving Jjajang ramen and had to dash to the nearest korean market to make some for myself. While I wanted to try using Hwasa’s method of cooking the dish, since I don’t have truffle oil in my kitchen, I substituted it for some truffle salt I got at TJs awhile back and it tasted pretty good. I’ll probably try making it again once I get my hands on some truffle oil in the near future. 🙂

Lastly, the wig part of the episode reminded me of a scene from Sung Hoon’s debut drama where he had worn a wig as a special event for his on screen bride. I would personally recommend watching this drama (New Tales of Gisaeng) to all Sung Hoon fans!

(check it out at 3:30 into the video)


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Prepare for an Intense Kpop Battle in March with MCs Kim Jong Kook & Soyou

New Kpop battle with Kpop artists from various genres like ballad, rap, rock and more will be duking it out next month on TV.


Kpop artists will be having an intense battle for 4 weeks to find their perfect duet partner starting March 5th! The show, In Sync, broadcasted by KBS will be led by Kim Jong Kook and former Sistar member MC Soyou as 9 contestants will duke it out with their musical talent, wit, charm etc.


Whose excited to see Kim Jong Kook as he helms a variety show?

Additionally, it turns out former Sistar member Soyou will not only be an MC for the show but also a contestant! For those who are familiar with Soyou, nearly ALL of her duet songs have been a hit. From “Some” to “Stupid in Love” to “I Still”, there is high anticipation for lots of competition for the right to become Soyou’s duet partner!





By Sara N


[RECAP] Jung Woo Sung Mukbangs on ‘Omniscient Interviewing View’

Brief Introduction to MBC’s Omniscient Interviewing View


Omniscient Interviewing View is an entertainment program broadcasted by MBC since March 10, 2018. The show is similar to MBC’s I Live Alone format where cast members view and comment on the episode. The main difference would be celebrities are filmed with their managers during their day to day schedules and tasks. Omniscient Interviewing View gained much attention and love from viewers resulting in the cast members winning lots of awards at 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards Ceremony.  Additionally, the managers of the cast members won awards as well, where managers were able to gain recognition for their hard work behind the scenes.

Current cast members: Jun Hyung Moo, Lee Young Ja, Song Eun-i, Yang Se Hyung, Yoo Byung Jae, Park Sung Kwang (long-term guest)

The special guests for this week’s episode were Seventeen’s Seungkwan and Mingyu.

Spoilers ahead! For those who would like to watch this episode, please stop reading! For readers wanting to watch only the Lee Young Ja segment on Omniscient Interviewing View, Lee Young Ja appears around 35:44 on episode 47.


Recap of Lee Young Ja’s segment on MBC’s Omniscient Interviewing View 

The segment starts off with Lee Young Ja at the salon getting her makeup done. As a rare request, Lee Young Ja asks her makeup artist to focus on her eyes today since its fine if her makeup isn’t pretty today.  She also requests to apply eye drops to make her eyes look moist. As the commenters back at the studio are shocked at Lee Young Ja’s request, Lee Young Ja shares she wants for “whoever looks in her eyes to be unable to look away.”


Lee Young Ja shares her schedule for the day with excitement about her meeting with Jung Woo Sung. The comedian heard Jung Woo Sung looks into the person’s eyes when he says “hello?” While everyone at the salon is fangirling over Jung Woo Sung, cut to Manager Song who explains Jung Woo Sung became a fan of Lee Young Ja through Omniscient Interviewing View and invited Lee Young Ja and himself to Jung Woo Sung’s movie premiere and dinner.


While Lee Young Ja pretties herself up with delight, she notices her lips are too pretty that it takes away the attention from her eyes. As a result, Lee Young Ja asks her makeup artist to make her lips look less vibrant since her eyes are more important. Later when Lee Young Ja’s hairstylist mentions Jung Woo Sung is a director at his agency who does not like wasting resources, Lee Young Ja worries Jung Woo Sung doesn’t like that she usually orders a lot of food.


Cut to Lee Young Ja on her way to the movie premiere, she talks about her favorite movie that Jung Woo Sung starred in, Beat, after which Manager Song starts playing one of the OSTs from that movie –Let it be by Beatles. As more OSTs from Jung Woo Sung’s films continue to play, Lee Young Ja requests to change the playlist since she finds herself falling even more for Jung Woo Sung while recalling his roles in each film. Hilariously she later reminds her manager that if Jung Woo Sung asks about her favorites, he needs to remember the following.

What is her favorite food? Answer: Salad
What is her favorite music? Answer: Classical
What is her favorite hobby? Answer: Ballet
What is her waist size? Answer: 29 inches
Does she like to eat meat? Answer: Lee Young Ja is a vegetarian

Movie premiere for Innocent Witness.

Once they arrive at the movie theatre, Lee Young Ja and Manager Song make their way to the snack booth deciding they will each get their own snacks. Lee Young Ja selects one original large popcorn [Shocking the commenters since mukbang professor LYJ chose the plain popcorn flavor. It is later explained she hasn’t been to the movie theatre for a long time so she didn’t know there are new flavors like caramel, cheese, garlic and onion to her deep regret.], one hotdog, one soda, 2 servings of dried squid.


Cut to the end of the movie, Jung Woo Sung finally comes on stage. [One of the commenters, Jun Hyun Moo comments Jung Woo Sung is a swindler for looking so unrealistically handsome.] Jung Woo Sung makes an announcement thanking Omniscient Interviewing View‘s Lee Young Ja and Manager Song for attending the movie premiere.

Finally meeting Jung Woo Sung!

Once the movie premiere ends, Lee Young Ja finally meets with Jung Woo Sung and the first thing she points out is how she forgot to eat her snacks during the movie. Jung Woo Sung responds by asking isn’t it a great thing since it implies the movie was good enough to distract her from her food.


Jung Woo Sung continues by pointing out it is the first time they are meeting in the 21st century. It turns out the last time Lee Young Ja and Jung Woo Sung met was in the mid 1990s where Jung Woo Sung was a guest for one of Lee Young Ja’s comedy skits.

Jung Woo Sung invites Lee Young Ja out to eat.


Jung Woo Sung invites Lee Young Ja out to a meal while grasping Lee Young Ja’s hand. At this time, Lee Young Ja looks so surprised and captivated by Jung Woo Sung. After Lee Young Ja immediately agrees, she tells her manager he can go home since she can ride Jung Woo Sung’s car to Manager Song’s astonishment.


To be polite, Lee Young Ja asks the other people in the room if they would like to join them for dinner. Hilariously, the other people present quickly refuse after observing her mood since Lee Young Ja doesn’t hide her desire to eat alone with Jung Woo Sung. Once it is decided that no one else will be joining Jung Woo Sung and Lee Young Ja for dinner, Jung Woo Sung asks the important question to mukbang professor Lee Young Ja, “What would you like to eat? What menu comes to mind when you see me?” Shockingly, Lee Young Ja’s mind freezes where she starts mumbling incomprehensible words to the amazement of everyone at the scene. Eventually mukbang professor Lee Young Ja recovers and she recommends they have spicy octopus for dinner.

Jung Woo Sung captivates Lee Young Ja at the restaurant.

Cut to meeting up at the restaurant, Jung Woo Sung gifts a bouquet of flowers to Lee Young Ja at the entrance of the restaurant to congratulate her for winning the Daesang trophy for the 2018 Entertainment Awards. As Lee Young Ja sniffs the bouquet of flowers nearly covering her face, Jung Woo Sung jokingly asks her if she is eating the flowers.


As they wait for their food, Jung Woo Sung asks what Lee Young Ja’s favorite food is. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Lee Young Ja answers with “my homemade food.” As the commenters back at the studio are laughing at Lee Young Ja’s answer since she had gone to all the trouble planning to say “salad”, Lee Young Ja explains she couldn’t bear to lie when looking into Jung Woo Sung’s eyes.

As the two celebrities continue to wait for their food, Jung Woo Sung asks Lee Young Ja whether there aren’t a lot of people waiting in line to dine with her. To which Lee Young Ja answers there are, adding she let Jung Woo Sung cut in front of the line. As Jung Woo Sung thanks Lee Young Ja for letting him cut the line, the food finally arrives.


As everyone starts picking up their utensils to begin eating, Jung Woo Sung (JWS) and Lee Young Ja (LYJ) have a funny conversation.

LYJ: Do you like to talk with you eat or focus on your food?
JWS: I like talking while I eat.
LYJ: Oh, we aren’t compatible.
JWS:  Isn’t it more fun if we have our differences? (followed by JWS’s staring into LYJ’s eyes)

Lee Young Ja’s genius strategy to eat in front of Jung Woo Sung.


As everyone starts eating, Lee Young Ja hesitates since she wants to appear delicate and feminine in front of Jung Woo Sung. However, since Lee Young Ja is used to eating a big spoonful at a time to experience all the flavors, she asks Jung Woo Sung “Can you check where the food ingredients originated from?” Cut to him actually checking the wall behind him while she quickly chews the spoonful of food by the time Jung Woo Sung turns back towards her. Hilariously this happens until she gets caught by Jung Woo Sung on the third try just as her spoon is leaving her mouth.


As Jung Woo Sung kindly comments he only saw when she was elegantly removing the spoon from her mouth, Lee Young Ja quickly diverts the conversation by telling Jung Woo Sung he needs to express his thoughts about the food to the restaurant owners. During the time Jung Woo Sung expresses his opinion of the food while he mimics Lee Young Ja’s usual style, Lee Young Ja quickly sneaks in another spoonful of food.


As Jung Woo Sung and Lee Young Ja become more familiar with each other talking about their managers and sharing their favorite restaurants, the two people end up sharing a bottle of soju to the amazement of everyone back at the studio. Lee Young Ja is known for being a light drinker who can barely handle beer according to the commenters back at the studio.


Teaser for next week’s episode: Kpop idol group Seventeen and their manager

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Actor Jung Woo Sung Mukbangs With Lee Young Ja

A-list actor Jung Woo Sung was seen meeting up with comedian Lee Young Ja for a meal on this week’s new episode of MBC’s Omniscient Interviewing View.


On February 16, MBC’s popular TV show Omniscient Interviewing View had a surprise for viewers when actor Jung Woo Sung was seen on screen with Lee Young Ja to enjoy a meal. It has been reported Jung Woo Sung became a fan of Lee Young Ja through Omniscient Interviewing View and invited both Lee Young Ja and her manager to attend a movie premiere followed by a meal.

Jung Woo Sung used this chance to learn how to mukbang from the expert, Lee Young Ja promising viewers a wonderful opportunity to see Jung Woo Sung on a variety show.


Note: Mukbang is a shortened word for mukneun bangsong [Muk (to eat), Bang (show)] meaning eating show

*For readers wanting to watch only the Lee Young Ja segment on Omniscient Interviewing View, Lee Young Ja appears around 35:44 on episode 47.

RECAP here!

Sources (1) (2) (3)

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[OPINION] Changes in Korean Drama From 2000s-Now

In 2019, there have been a lot of historical record breaking in terms of drama viewership for cable TV. Looking back on how much Korean dramas have changed over the last 2 decades, the Internet wins the grand prize for its role!

As an avid Korean drama fan since childhood, all I can say in short is… a lot has changed since the last century. You know time has really gone by when you remember actor Hyun Bin in his lead role in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (2005) when he wasn’t buff with his spiky hair.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005) 


There was a time when a good portion of the dramas airing were historical dramas.

An example of what is Korean historical drama- some in the video would also go on my top  historical drama list.


In the past, historical dramas could be expected to have certain traits. Lots of beautiful traditional hanbok, accurate depictions of historical events, usage of Korean like Old Korean or Middle Korean (what is used today is Modern Korean) and traditional Korean music as part of the OST. While there are a lot of dramas I could mention as an example, the ones that many would be familiar are probably Jewel in the Palace also known as Dae Jang Geum (2003), Hwang Jini (2006) and Emperor of the Sea (2003).

Jewel in the Palace (2003)


Many scenes were about traditional Korean cuisine, hence its role in the start of the Korean Wave. After this drama became globally popular, Korean restaurants started becoming widespread in many major cities as many people became interested in trying Korean food like bibimbap. 

Emperor of the Sea (2003)


All members of the main cast in this mega-hit drama are today’s household names, Choi Soo-Jong, Chae Shi-Ra, Song Ill-Kook (triplets’ father), Soo Ae and Chae Jang-An. While some had already reached the heights of their career before this show, for others it sent them to the top!

Hwang Jini (2006)


This drama’s theme was traditional arts. The cast had to spend many hours learning to dance from an expert, the costumes were beautiful, the songs were well balanced between traditional and modern (modern classical). The drama’s success resulted in the lead actress Ha Ji-Won winning the 2006 Grand Acting Award.

Historical drama is not limited to hanbok or court intrigue

While many Korean dramas consist of wearing what is stereotyped as traditional Korean clothing, that doesn’t mean there aren’t others. One of the most iconic historical dramas would be Rustic Period aka Yainshidae (2002) depicted in the 1920’s to The Korean War when western clothes like suits and dresses have become widespread. As one of the THE highest-rated TV shows in Korea’s broadcasting history, the drama is based on a historical figure Kim Du-Han who happens to be the grandfather of Song Ill-Kook and the great-grandfather of the nation’s triplets-Daehan, Minguk and Manse.

Rustic Period (2002)


This drama had many action scenes attracting a male fan-base. Covering romance, bromance, trip to memory lane for the older generation, intrigue for the younger ones, this was considered the family drama to watch all together. Even now, there are references to this drama because of how memorable the drama is.

On a side note for those who haven’t been captivated by the nation’s triplets.


Korean Content Globally Accessible

In the past, before the Internet became widespread, Korean dramas could only be aired from the 3 major public broadcasting companies. During that time, there were limited slots for dramas to air, so with lots of demand but limited supply, each drama to be slotted for a broadcasting company had to go through a very competitive selection.

Accessing Korean content abroad before the Internet

Previously up to the early 2010s, the main TV broadcasters were KBS, MBC and SBS. To watch Korean drama, you had to rent it from a video store (if you live in a city with a big enough Korean population) or pay a lot of money to access a Korean channel. However, even if you paid a lot to watch Korean drama on TV, there was a time when you have to watch it as it airs, not where you can go back on your smart TV and catch up on past episodes at your convenience. Additionally, watching 2 new episodes every week on TV outside of Korea meant you are going to be very behind on your drama. By the time it starts airing in the US, chances were the drama was almost done with its season back in Korea. So what many people opted for (including myself) was to go to the Korean video store and rented videos of the new episodes of Korean drama which would be only 1 week behind Korea’s broadcasting schedule. Note it wasn’t DVDs but video tapes where you need a device to rewind it for you before you can start watching it all over again!


Now in 2019, with the Internet, cable TV, web dramas and more in Korea, there are so much content available it has become somewhat overwhelming to prioritize your time when deciding which Korean drama to watch. Korean dramas have been globally recognized to be a very profitable market, hence companies like Viki, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu etc. distributing Korean dramas on their sites. Not only that, some of the mentioned companies are even producing or investing in Korean drama.


With lots of demand and supply in the 2010s, it wouldn’t be too strict to say that the quality of Korean content has dropped over the years. From the time when there was only 3 broadcasting options to today where there’s so many options and marketable groups, it has become more profit driven than ever before.

Of course, when there are negative aspects, there are also many positive aspects as well. Korean media has become more accessible resulting in more interest for Korea, more fan bases leading to what is the continuously growing Hallyu Wave. There are more opportunities for those aspiring to go into film and more economic growth. Depending on what is considered more important for each person, the pros can outweigh the cons.

My Take On This

With many positive aspects, I hope that growth (profits) will not blind the entertainment industry in forgoing quality for quantity. In the end once all the profits, growth and potential are temporarily earned, these dramas will remain to become evidence for the future generations as they study history. Just as we ourselves used historical artifacts like music, books, physical propaganda and chess to understand the past, it will apply the same in the future. Or even now where kids (Gen Z) do not know what a game-boy, furby, beanie babies and walk-mans are.


By Sara N



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VIXX Ravi’s Ending On MBC’s ‘Real Man 300’

VIXX’s Ravi has been impressing fans with his endurance and tenacity in MBC’s reality show Real Man 300.


Who’s been keeping up with the new format of MBC’s Real Man series Real Man 300? Kpop idol group VIXX’s Ravi has been gaining viewers’ admiration in the past episode that aired on Friday, January 18 for his incredible results in the army competition for elite soldiers. In the competition of selecting only 206 army soldiers out of 500,000, VIXX’s Rafi made it to the final rounds but was unfortunately unable to pass the last round.


VIXX’s Ravi successfully completed the arduous tests like marching 10 km (~6.2 miles) while lugging 20 kgs (~45 lbs) within the time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Ravi was amazing to complete this difficult feat in 1 hour and 12 minutes in addition to other tests like shooting, sit ups, push ups, running etc.


While it is regrettable that Ravi wasn’t able to pass the final round, Ravi’s actions in the show has gathered much love for his determination, tenacity, endurance, wittiness, huge appetite and his heartfelt support for fellow competitors. His goal of completing the competition rather than competing with others attracted lots of support from viewers alike.

Amidst the sadness of no longer seeing VIXX’s Ravi on the show, VIXX will be having a fan meeting in Seoul on Janaury 27.



By Sara N


[OPINION] Hong Jin-Young Solo Concert & Kim Jong Kook

On January 12, Trot singer Hong Jin-Young held her first solo concert in Los Angeles, California. Highlights were Hong Sun Young’s surprise performance, wardrobe malfunction and other exciting segments.


Korea’s Trot fairy Hong Jin-Young, held her first solo concert in LA (technically Temecula which is 2 hours away) commemorating her 10th year since debuting in 2009.

Sara N

Hong Jin Young sang all of her hit songs starting with Love Battery to set the mood followed by all of her singles like Cheer Up, My Love, Thumb Up, Good Bye etc. The concert audience consisted of a wide range of age groups from children to the elderly fans. It was a boisterous environment with lots of excitement. The stadium had a seating capacity of 3260 seats, which was filled to the max. The light sticks from the audience was mesmerizingly beautiful once the ceiling lights dimmed.

Photo of 2nd floor audience:

photos of 2nd floor audience
Sara N

Permission to take photos and videos were granted!

Generally in regards to taking photos or videos during the concerts, it is not allowed. However in Hong Jin-Young’s case, the Trot fairy gave her explicit consent at the opening of the concert. Her method to convey her permission was witty, “When you all came in, did you see the sign about not taking photos or videos?” (Hearing this all the excited fans have drooped shoulders and are slowly putting away their phones.) She continues by saying, for me you can take as much photos and videos as you want. (People are in disbelief and shocked, myself included.) Hong Jin-Young says “In fact, I look better in videos, for some reason I don’t look so great in photos,” followed by “during the concert I will strike a pose and stay still, you can take photos then so the picture comes out nice.” As a result, I was able to take photos and videos to my heart’s content to share with everyone!

Highlights of the Concert

Hong Jin Young actively interacted with fans throughout the entire concert.

Hong Jin Young made sudden poses during her performance to give the audience a chance to take her picture. It was hilarious at times when the singer would be dancing then casually stay still for a few minutes at the left or right side of the stage to give fans a chance to capture a great photo. Her intent to interact with the crowd was so strong to the point her security detail probably exasperated at the artist’s determination.

Hong Jin Young visits 2nd floor audience:

Hong Jin Young shared her intention to walk to the audience to get a chance to greet them since only the fans sitting in the front can see her. The excitement from that announcement was really amazing. When the artist started walking out while singing a song, many fans blocked her path (security was busy keeping on eye on everything at this point) to take a selfie together or to shake her hand etc. Interesting point was these fans were of various ages ranging from 20s-70s. Grandfather figures were so excited seeing their favorite singer up close that they forgot about their wives and grandchildren seeing them turn into excited fan boys. One of the fun remarks about this from some people around me was “The ride back home will be full of fights for forgetting their social dignity.” Considering Korean social norms play a significant role in Korean-American society, it is understandable that for some it can seem socially embarrassing to see important figures changing into excited fan boys in front of their beloved singer.

It’s probably comparable to this scene from Descendants of the Sun when the officers in the army turn into ardent fan boys in front of Red Velvet in the drama.


Hong Jin Young had to make many attempts to reach the audience in the second floor due to many excited fans blocking her path at every point. By the time she finished her walk around the venue to return to the stage, Hong Jin Young found her shoe had fallen apart and needed to take a quick break to change them. She stated it was her first time seeing this happen although she has performed on the stage so many times, commenting on how memorable it is for her.

Hong Jin Young’s shoe fell apart:

Hong Sun-Young

During the segment where Hong Jin-Young reads all the post-its prepared in advance by fans, the most remarkable one was asking about her sister.  As a result, Hong Jin Young called out her sister Hong Sun Young to the stage and the two performed a song together followed by Hong Sun Young’s solo performance. To be able to hear Hong Sun Young’s amazing vocals in person, it really reminded me of BMK in terms of her voice and singing style.

Sara N

Hong Sun Young was shy and taken aback by the enthusiasm from the audience whenever everyone chanted “encore” at the end of her songs. Unfortunately the cheers were even louder for Hong Sun Young than for artist Hong Jin Young, which were remarked by the singer.

Hong Sun Young performance snippets:

Since 2018 there have been lots of speculation and interest in whether Trot singer Hong Jin-Young and former-idol Kim Jong-Kook are (or will be) dating.

Both Hong Jin-Young and Kim Jong-Kook have expressed their chemistry with each other on screen. Many fans who have watched the variety shows when they appeared together have been wishing for the two people to really date. The crucial variety show that broadcasted their chemistry was seen on SBS’s Running Man where Kim Jong-Kook has been a cast member since 2010 with Hong Jin-Young appearing as a featured member various times. Additionally, SBS’s Ugly Ducking where Hong Jin-Young and Kim Jong-Kook are both cast members since 2018 is also memorable. Much of the public have been very supportive of these two to become a couple in real life, including myself.


I don’t think I really understood how much love and support Hong Jin-Young and Kim Jong-Kook had been receiving as an on screen item until now. It has already been established on screen to consider them to be a potential couple with the ambiguous atmosphere and hyping from the MCs. Both have been flirty on screen in various shows with the editing  building it up. This was confirmed when a compilation of those flirty scenes were played at Hong Jin-Young’s solo concert in Los Angeles.


Towards the end of the concert, Hong Jin Young started singing any song the audience requested. Lo and behold, Kim Jong Kook’s song was requested with many people shouting for Kim Jong Kook’s One Man. The cheers when Hong Jin Young sang Kim Jong Kook’s songs one after other were the loudest cheers during this segment. People were cheering for them to date, shouting they look great together etc.

Kim Jong Kook covers:

Someone yells “Kim Jong Kook” snippet:

Freebies like light sticks were given to cheer for Hong Jin Young.

Due to many local and corporate sponsors for the concert, there were some free stuff available for the audience before the concert like light sticks, health magazines, vitamin samples and coupons being handed out with some giveaways of skin care, electronics, gift certificates, health supplements and even a grand prize of one round trip to Korea from Korean Air.

Overall everyone had a wonderful time.

Hong Jin Young’s concert was not catered to one specific age group, but for all ages. Whole families from young to old had a great time listening to Korean Trot, ballads and great song covers from Hong Jin Young. Hong Jin Young was very proactive in interacting with the audience, not the mention the unexpected appearance of Hong Sun Young, which made an unforgettable experience.

Personally, I enjoyed the concert very much and glad for the spontaneous decision to go. If it wasn’t for my friend’s acquaintance being unable to go hours before the concert, my friend and I wouldn’t have had the chance to see and hear Hong Jin Young in person. There may be many memorable parts to the concert but what I shared are what was most memorable for me. Looking back to the concert a week later, I hope there are more chances to hear Hong Sun Young perform whether with her own debut as a singer or participating in her sister’s songs. She sounded awesome and would be perfect for Kdrama OSTs.

By S.N


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