[TEASER] Taeyeon Releases Video Teaser for Her Single ‘Four Seasons’

Taeyeon is coming back later this month with a new single!


Taeyeon, the leader of Girls’ Generation, is set to make a solo comeback with the digital single “Four Seasons” this month. According to information released by SM Entertainment, the music video will come out on March 22, two days before the song is released for purchase and download on the 24th.

[TEASER] JYPE’s New Girl Group ITZY Releases ‘Dalla Dalla’

JYP Entertainment’s new five-member girl group ITZY will debut in just a few days.

Ahead of the release of their first album, entertainment company released a short teaser for “Dalla Dalla,” their title track. The music video comes out on February 11 at midnight.


[Teaser] Yoo In-na and Lee Dong-wook Reunite in tvN Drama ‘Touch Your Heart’


The upcoming drama ‘Touch Your Heart’, mainly starring Yoo In-na and Lee Dong-wook, will air its first episode on February 6th.

WINNER’s Mino Releases Teaser Poster for Title Song ‘Fiancé’

With the release of his first solo album just seven days away, Mino (Song Min-ho) introduced a poster for his song “Fiancé.”

Image source – YG Entertainment

On Monday, YG Entertainment posted a teaser poster for WINNER member Mino’s first solo album XX on its website. Although simple, the dark colors with the singer dead-center give off a powerful aura. Interestingly, dressed in a matching beret and suit outfit with might red boots, Mino has a certain charm. However, his look is hard to connect with the title track “Fiancé,” which has a romantic connotation.

Nonetheless, as fans digest the new image, the concept of the album is sure to be interesting considering that the singer wanted to ensure that there were no limits to the release. This idea is even reflected in the title of the album XX. According to Ilgan Sports, the meaning behind the title is that there is no correct answer and can be interpreted differently by each person.

On another note, “Fiancé” is a hip-hop song that samples the classic Korean track “Soyang River Woman” by Kim Tae-hee. Notably, the song was written and composed by the WINNER member with the help of Future Bounce, and Texu.

Meanwhile, Mino is expected to perform the new song when WINNER performs in Seoul and tours North America next year.



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[TEASER] MAMAMOO Builds Excitement for Their November Comeback With Sultry Teaser

MAMAMOO released their first concept photo ahead of their comeback on the 29th.

Image source – RBW Entertainment

On Monday, MAMAMOO posted the first concept photo for their eight mini-album Blue;s. In the picture, member Solar has a mysterious and sultry aura emphasized by red light, warm hues, and in one picture, retro clothing. The styling includes a pearl necklace, white lace gloves, and a rotary phone which all come from a time that has long since passed, raising fans’ anticipation.

Image source – RBW Entertainment

Starting with Solar MAMAMOO will continue to release individual teasers for the rest of the group sequentially. Afterward, fans can expect different content related to Blue;s like a music solo film teasers and a track list, to be released. Following the release of Yellow Flower in spring and Red Moon this summer, Blue;s is set to reflect the sentimentality of autumn.



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BLACKPINK Jennie Reveals Partial Lyrics in New Teaser for “SOLO”

Another teaser for BLACKPINK Jennie’s upcoming solo, increasing much anticipation from fans all around the world!

On November 9, YG Entertainment released yet another teaser video for BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s upcoming solo track, “SOLO.” Only this time, the video lets the audience take a sneak peek at the lyrics!

Check it out below and try to find out what she says at the end of the video:


TWICE Tease Upcoming Album with Highlight Medley

TWICE unveiled highlights of all seven tracks in their upcoming album “YES or YES.”


Previous to TWICE’s upcoming coming on November 6, JYP Entertainment released the album teaser video. The 4-minute teaser features highlights of all seven tracks of the upcoming album.

TWICE’s sixth album holds special meaning to group members and fans alike, especially because members participated in the lyrics writing. For tracks “LALALA,” “Young & Wild,” and “Sunset,” members Jeongyeon, Chaeyong, and Jihyo wrote the lyrics.

TWICE’s sixth mini album “YES or YES” will be released on November 5 at 6PM KST. The group will perform their new tracks at the comeback showcase, which will be held on the same day.


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[Teaser] Jackson Wang to Release Single With American Rapper Gucci Mane

On November 3, Jackson Wang and his agency JYP Entertainment released a short teaser on social media announcing Wang’s collaboration with American rapper Gucci Mane.


According to both posts, Jackson Wang’s newest single “Different Game” will come out on November 7, and likely be available on all major music streaming platforms. Wang made his solo debut with the song “Papillion” and thereafter released “Okay” and “Fendiman.”

Gucci Mane has been active in the music industry for almost two decades and has 12 studio albums and 70 mixtapes in his repertoire. Further, some of his most well-known songs include his feature on “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd, “Lemonade” which came out more about eight years ago. In addition to working with Rea Sremmurd, he has also partnered with Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Chris Brown.



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[TEASER] BLACKPINK Jennie Drops 1st Teaser for Upcoming Solo Track, “SOLO”

The first teaser video for BLACKPINK Jennie’s upcoming solo track “SOLO” has dropped!

On October 29 ,YG Entertainment released the first teaser video for BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s upcoming solo debut track. The video features the member in bed, whispering her name over and over again.

The official track will drop on November 12 and the member will showcase the track for the first time in front of her fans at the upcoming BLACKPINK concert on November 10 and 11.

Check out the teaser below!