AOMG Seeks the Next Generation of Hip-Hop Artists Through Competition Show

AOMG Official has partnered with MBN to launch a new competition show to find the next generation of great hip-hop talent in South Korea.

Jay Park, Simon Dominic (top row), Gray, Code Kunst – AOMG

MBN and AOMG Official are collaboration to discover the next generation of South Korean hip-hop artists in the form of a competition survival show. For the new program called “SighHere,” the show will look to find the artists that are extremely talented rappers, vocalists, or producers. In particular, they are looking for people who are well-rounded with both basic production and performance skills.

Artists from AOMG Official including Jay Park, who is the CEO of the label, Simon Dominic, Gray, Code Kunst, Woo Won-jae and more, will join the program as team leaders. The leaders will try to recruit members who will compete against opposing teams in the show. Further, if they struggle to get people on their side, they themselves may have to step into the competition which is a facet that is raising expectations.

On top of that, it is noteworthy this is the first program headed by producer Nam Sung-hyun, who transferred from KBS to MBN. Previously, Nam worked on “Hyena on the Keyboard” and assisted in the creation of the hit collaboration song “Don’t Give it to Me” by Loco and MAMAMOO Hwasa.

Meanwhile, “SignHere” will premeier during the first half of the year.




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MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ Did Not Edit Out Cha Tae Hyun Amid Gambling Scandal

Cha Tae Hyun who has currently cancelled all activities in the entertainment industry was reported to not have been edited out on March 20’s episode of MBC Radio Star.

On March 20, OSEN reported MBC aired their newest episode of ‘Radio Star’ which had not edited out MC Cha Tae Hyun at all. MC Cha Tae Hyun, also known for being a member of KBS’s ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ was in a scandal last week for illegal gambling alongside ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ member Kim Joon Ho.

Once news broke of the actor- entertainer’s gambling scandal, Cha Tae Hyun declared he would halt all activities to reflect on his actions. Interestingly, while KBS had to put their show ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ on an indefinite hiatus, MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ decided to not make any changes to reflect on Cha Tae Hyun’s scandal. What do you think about ‘Radio Star’s decision?


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Cristiano Ronaldo Surprises Young Fans on Upcoming Episode of ‘Einstein’

SBS “Einstein” siblings Won Tae-hoon and Won Tae-jin got a surprise of a lifetime when soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo walked through the door.

Cristiano Ronaldo meets brother Won Tae-hoon and Won Tae-jin – SBS

On Wednesday’s episode of “Einstein” Cristiano Ronaldo personally delivered a message of support to brothers Won Tae-hoon (12) and Won Tae-jin (12) after personally inviting them to Turin, Italy for a meeting.

The meeting, which took place earlier this month, while brief was inspirational and meaningful for the two, especially Won Tae-hoon. Won Tae-hoon is considered a soccer genius. Cha Bum-geun, an experienced sports commentator expressed awe and admiration after watching Tae-hoon place. “He is like Messi,” Cha said. However, playing soccer is not just a passionate hobby for the young player but is also a means to support his family.

Born to a Moroccan father and Korean mother, the Won brothers first appeared on “Einstein” last may, and have since made over 100 appearances on the show. In particular, as they shared more of their lives with the world, their struggle to make ends meet and spend quality time with each other as a result, touched viewers’ hearts. For Ten-hoon, soccer is the dream solution to his families woes.

During their conversation with Ronaldo, the soccer legend advised them that “in order to achieve your dream, it is important to do your best and trust that the dream will come true.” Ending their time together with a hearty cheer and hugging the brother, Ronaldo made his exit.



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Stray Kids to Have Their Own “Running Man” Race in Upcoming Variety Show

Stray Kids is to unveil a variety show of their own.

Mnet M2

On March 20, Stray Kids’ own variety show “Found Stray Kids” will premiere through Mnet, M2, and AbemaTV in Japan.

“Found Stray Kids” will capture the group members’ endeavors to be the rookies in variety shows. The show will take the formats from other popular variety shows.

In the first episode, the members will parody “Running Man.” The nine members of the group will wear Freddie Mercury costumes to chase each other to win the race.

“Stray Kids members, who have already proven their musical talents, will now show their idol-like aspects in each episode,” said produce Ahn Hye-rin. “Through ‘Found Stray Kids,’ the members will train themselves for the variety show appearances.”

“Found Stray Kids” will air every Wednesday night.


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Ryu Jun-Yeol and Lee Je-Hoon Explore Havana, Cuba on JTBC’s ‘Traveller’

Actors Ryu Jun-yeol and Lee Je-hoon head to the city of passion that has been left in time, Havana.

Image source – JTBC

On the most recent episode of JTBC’s “Traveller,” actors Ryu Jun-yeol and Lee Je-hoon explore Havana, Cuba together. In a surprise move, Ryu, who has been in the city for a few days, makes his debut as a tour guide. The actor lays out an ambition itinerary customized for Lee.

As expected, Lee who is unfamiliar with the city is curious about everything he sees. He tries different foods and follows any new sound he hears. As they explore Havana, they begin to uncover aspects of the country’s turbulent history, find a restaurant off the main road, and drive around in a classic mid-century car.

Have you ever been to Havana?




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New Variety Show “Show! Audio Jockey” to Premiere This Weekend

The newly launching variety show is bringing radio shows to every corner of the peninsula.

On March 13, “Show! Audio Jockey” production team and cast members made appearances at the press conference. Including the head producer Lee Young-joon, Sung Si-kyung, So Yoo-jin, Boom, and Monsta X members attended. Park Myung-soo did not attend the press conference due to the schedule conflict.

Lee Young-joon introduced the members, who show a wide variety of appeals. “I wanted to produce a radio show, but tvN does not have a radio station,” the producer opened his mouth. “So I thought about visualizing radio shows. Boom came into my mind first. So Yoo-jin, too, hosted a radio show for 7 years, not to mention that Park Myung-soo and Sung Si-kyung are known as great DJs.”

So Yoo-jin is to host a radio show titled “Sweet Salon,” where she will talk about cooking and raising children. “I’ve always wished to come back to radio,” she said. “I wanted to show something so I chose cooking as one of the themes. I was really nervous about it, though.”

Monsta X members also had experience in radio on Naver V Live. Kihyun said, “I was nervous because the co-stars are so famous in the field. We focused on the interaction with the audiences. We’re thankful of those who participated.”

While Sung Si-kyung said his main focus was on the radio show itself, Boom said he tried to show something he couldn’t through the radio.

Lee Young-joon emphasized how “Show! Audio Jockey” is different from “My Little Television.” “Even if one does not watch the show on TV, the radio shows are the complete forms of entertainment as they are.”

The producer also opened up the possibility of new members. He also added that special guests are to make appearances.

“Show! Audio Jockey” will premiere on March 17.


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Unmasked Contestant on MBC’s ‘King of Masked Singers’ from Super Junior

The latest unmasked singer who captivated everyone was a member of Kpop’s global idol group, Super Junior!

On March 10, a member of Kpop’s global idol group Super Junior was once again in the spotlight on MBC’s ‘King of Masked Singers’. He (Chang Young Shil) was able to make it to the third round with many people unable to guess the identity behind the mask. There was a time when the idol’s identity was mentioned in round 1 but no one followed up with that speculation.

When the big reveal finally occurred, everyone was amazed at the idol’s identity. One of the guest panelists was IZ*ONE’s Kwon Eun Bi who speculated Chang Young Shil to be an artist who debuted earlier but was younger than herself. When it was finally revealed to be Super Junior’s main vocalist Ryeo Wook, everyone was as expected very surprised. SuJu’s Ryeo Wook previously participated on the show prior to serving mandatory military service.

Were you able to guess the identity of Chang Young Shil?



[Teaser] How Will Kim Jong Kook’s Love Triangle End on Running Man this Sunday?

On March 10, an article revealed 3 photos from the upcoming Running Man episode hinting at Kim Jong Kook’s love triangle.


A news article released a teaser for the upcoming Running Man episode with just 3 photos and the headlines: ‘Running Man‘s Kim Jong Kook, The End of His Love Triangle with Hong Jin Young & Song Ji Hyo‘. What do you think of this teaser? Will Kim Jong Kook finally choose between Hong Jin Young and Song Ji Hyo?


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Block B Member P.O. to Be a Special MC for ‘Happy Together 4’

Block B P.O. will be the special host of “Happy Together 4.”

Image source – OSEN News database

On Thursday, it was reported that Block B P.O. is going to participate in a recording for the KBS2 entertainment program. He will work alongside the show’s regular MCs Yoo Jae-suk, Jo Yoon-hee, and Jun Hyun-moo. Moreover, for the recording, actresses Jin Kyeong, Hwang Woo-seul-hye, actor Park Hee-soon, and Bora will be guest.

Notably, P.O. has participated in various n different popular entertainment programs including “Great Escape,” “New Journey to the West 6,” and “Amazing Saturday” on tVN. Viewers enjoyed his appearance on the show, becoming increasingly popular and in-demand.

Besides appearing on different entertainment programs, he also appeared in the drama “Boyfriend” as well as the play “Boy Goes to Heaven.”




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Monsta X’s Shownu Going Solo on the Second Season of “My Little Television”

Monsta X’s member Shownu is joining the second season of variety show “My Little Television.”

Starship Ent.

According to an official source, Shownu is to have a test broadcast for “My Little Television V2” as the new cast member of the show. The K-pop star will be hosting his own show about contents he has chosen for himself.

Previously, “My Little Television V2” chose Twitch for its broadcasting platform. Since March 5, the show has been holding guerrilla broadcasting sessions. Featured stars include comedian Jung Hyung-don and Kim Gu-ra, UFC fighters Kim Dong-hyun and Jo Nam-jin, actress Kang Bu-ja, and soccer analyst Han Joon-hee. IZ*ONE member Ahn Yoo-jin is also joining as the MC.

Since the season finale of the show, “My Little Television” has received countless requests for the second season. Having confirmed the production of the second season under the revamped title, “My Little Television V2,” the show is readying for the season premiere on March 29.


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