Must-read Book: ‘Interviews with K-pop Stars’ w/ BTS J-HOPE

Introducing ‘Interviews with K-pop Stars’ with BTS J-HOPE, HOSHI, LEO, CHUNG HA, AND CHAE YEON!

ABOUT THE BOOK: It is easier than ever to find fans from all over the world copying the performances of K-Pop idols.

More and more attention is given to K-Pop artists for their vigorous dancing and acting along to their lyrics on stage.

However, it has not been as easy to find out what they are thinking when preparing their performance or while they are on the stage.

After exploring the story behind the experts in the K-Pop industry and idols who create and produce their own music, journalist Park Hee A in her third book has turned her focus to idols who put on a unique performance based on the identity they each formed in their past.

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Jun Hyun-moo and Han Hye-jin Officially Break Up, ‘I Live Alone’ to Take A Temporary Break

Jun Hyun-moo and Han Hye-jin have officially broken up after about a year of dating.

On March 6th, Jun Hyun-moo’s agency SM C&C and Han Hye-jin’s agency ESteem announced, “Jun hyun-moo and Han Hye-jin recently decided to end their relationship as a couple”.

They continued and said, “Although it is a private matter, we thought we needed to announce the news first before fans, who have loved the couple very much, hear from other sources”.

About their appearance on MBC ‘I Live Alone’, they said, “After the show’s episode on the 8th, the show will take a break. We’d like to apologize to the show’s fans as we’ve affected the show with a personal matter”.

Meanwhile, Jun Hyun-moo and Han Hye-jin had started dating back in February last year while appearing on ‘I Live Alone’ together. In December last year, the two were involved in break-up rumors. Now, they are officially not together anymore.


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by Audrey Joung


Monetary Penalties Given to Malicious Commenters Against MAMAMOO

There is no further arrangement. Monetary penalties were given to the defendants whom MAMAMOO has sued for malicious comments.

Recently, the Gwangju District Court (Judge Kim Hee-joo) has given monetary penalties to those who have habitually written malicious comments against the girl group MAMAMOO.

The Court announced, “From September 2017 for about one year, the defendant wrote multiple malicious comments online, insulting the victim. Therefore, we sentence monetary fines for cyber lewdness”.

In October last year, MAMAMOO’s agency RBW Entertainment proceeded with suing malicious commenters and said, “We will be taking legal action against those who leave malicious comments, sexual comments, or spread false rumors about MAMAMOO. We won’t make any arrangement, but instead we will take strong action”.


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Kang Min-kyung’s Solo Debut Album to be Released Today

Female duo group Davichi’s Kang Min-kyung will officially debut as a solo artist.

On February 27th at 6 PM (KST), Kang Min-kyung’s solo debut album will be released on music websites. The album’s title song ‘Because I Love you’ is a lyrical ballad song, which is about a story after a breakup.

The album will be Kang Min-kyung’s very first solo album since she made a debut 11 years ago. In the album, a total of five songs are listed including ‘At the End of Twenty’, ‘Selfish’, ‘Tell Me’, and ‘My Youth’.

Kang Min-kyung has proved her capacity as a singer songwriter by participating in writing ‘Because I Love You’, ‘At the End of Twenty’, ‘Selfish’, and ‘Tell Me’.


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Actress Kang Sora Plans to Start YouTube Channel

Instagram @reveramess_

Actress Kang Sora is thinking of starting her own YouTube channel.

On February 25th, Kang Sora posted a photo of herself on Instagram and wrote, “I am thinking of starting a YouTube channel. Are there any contents that you guys would like to see? I would appreciate any suggestions!”.

Many fans are supporting the actress by commenting, “I would like to see your daily vlog”, “Anything is great”, and “YouTube debut? I’m so glad”.

Meanwhile, Kang Sora will appear on a new movie Uhm Bok-dong as the character Kim Hyung-sin. The movie will release on February 27th.

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[BREAKING] Lee Jong-suk to Join Military Next Month

Actor Lee Jong-suk will start his military (alternative) service on March 8th.

On February 25th, a source told Ilgan Sports, “Lee Jong-suk will start his military duty on March 8th, and unfortunately his fans will miss him for 2 years”.

When Lee Jong-suk was 16 years old, he had a big traffic accident, which led to an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury. The injury was so big that he had to give up his dream to become a taekwondo player. Therefore, Lee Jong-suk received a level 4 from the physical examination. According to the Military Manpower Administration’s rules, a person with a level 4 physical grade must receive an “alternative” military service, which means Lee Jong-suk will serve his 2 year-long military duty as a public service worker at an appointed location.

Lee Jong-suk will leave after he finishes filming the drama ‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’. Lee will wrap up filming his parts on the 27th this month. Other cast members will also finish filming in the beginning of March.

However, he won’t take a rest for the 10 days that he has left after filming the tvN drama. He will continue finishing his schedules including shooting for commercials. Because there is an increasing number of public social workers recently, Lee Jong-suk will first begin working at a designated location, and then he will receive the basic training. The specific dates have not been decided.

If Lee Jong-suk joins the army on March 8th as planned, his discharge date will be January 2nd, 2021.


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So Yoo-jin to Become MC on SBS Show ‘We Will Channel You!’

Actress So Yoo-jin will join the SBS show ‘We Will Channel You!’.

So Yoo-jin will be the main MC of the show’s new project ‘Da Da Ik Sul’.

‘Da Da Ik Sul’ is a new group talk project in which a variety of guests will talk about some of the hot topics. Not only as an actress but as a mother of three children, So Yoo-jin will share her broad perspective on various topics.

Kim Jong-min also will join the show. Kim, who is well-known for his carefree personality, will share his creative perspective.

Producer Jo Moon-joo said, “I have always wanted to work with So Yoo-jin for so long. She is interested in various fields including food, art, and parenting. So I’m sure she will share new and unconventional stories on the show”.

The new episode with So Yoo-jin will air on February 28th at 11:10PM.


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Beenzino Gifts ‘Flower Shoe’ to Girlfriend Stefanie Michova for Waiting for Him During Army

Instagram @realisshoman @stefaniemichova

Rapper Beenzino (Lim Sung-been) shared photos of the ‘flower shoe (꽃신)’ that he gifted to his girlfriend, Stefanie Michova.

On February 22nd, Beenzino posted multiple photos of the ‘flower shoe’ that he made himself on Instagram. In Korea, wearing a pair of ‘flower shoe’ means that a girl has successfully waited for her boyfriend to finish his military duty.

Beenzino wrote: “I finally gave Stefanie ‘꽃신’. I originally wanted to give her on the day I was discharged, but I had not finished the decoration. And now we are always together, I didn’t have time to finish decorating them. But I was able to sneak out somehow and finish them!”

On February 17th, Beenzino completed his military duty at the Gangwon-do Chungsung Unit after a year and 9 months of serving. On that day, his girlfriend Stefanie Michova went out to welcome him back and shared the moment on Instagram.

Beenzino and his German model Michova has been dating since they went public in May, 2015.

Beenzino went to Seoul University where he studied sculpture. He debuted in 2010 through the group Jazzyfact, and has been releasing many albums both as a group and a solo artist.


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Highlight’s Yang Yo-seob Says Hi to Fans After Completing Military Training

Instagram @yysbeast

Group Highlight’s member Yang Yo-seob said hi to his fans for the first time since he joined the army.

On February 21st, Yang Yo-seob posted a photo and wrote: “Nice to see you again!”.

In the shared photo, Yang Yo-seob, who is in a military uniform, is looking at the camera with a smile. The post was shared to let his fans know that he has finished a month long training that began on January 24th.

Earlier, Highlight’s official social media accounts posted Yang Yo-seob’s handwritten letter. In the letter, he wrote: “I am doing very well. I am finding a sense of calmness here by looking at the clear sky or bright moon and stars, which I didn’t have time for when I was in the city. I am eating well, sleeping well, and my bronchitis is completely healed”.

After seeing the photo he posted yesterday, fans have commented: “It’s so good to see you healthy”, “I already miss you”, “Have a wonderful time with your family”, and “Best luck on the rest of your military duty!”.

Meanwhile, Yang Yo-seob will continue serving for the military as a duty police.


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Hwasa to Share Best Way to Enjoy Day Off at Home on ‘I Live Alone’

Hwasa shows the best way to spend your weekends at home like a pro.

On this week’s episode of MBC ‘I Live Alone’, Hwasa will share how she spends her day off at home.

On the episode, she enjoys her day off at home in the dark, without even turning the lights on. She would catch up on movies while eating tangerines in her bed and stretch her toes. also, Hwasa, who likes creativity in general, makes a variety of animals with tangerine peels.

Hwasa also will be sharing her ‘Jjajang’ ramyun recipe, that she is in love with these days.

The ‘I Live Alone’ episode with Hwasa will air on the 22nd (KST) at 11:10PM.


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