New Kpop battle with Kpop artists from various genres like ballad, rap, rock and more will be duking it out next month on TV.


Kpop artists will be having an intense battle for 4 weeks to find their perfect duet partner starting March 5th! The show, In Sync, broadcasted by KBS will be led by Kim Jong Kook and former Sistar member MC Soyou as 9 contestants will duke it out with their musical talent, wit, charm etc.

Whose excited to see Kim Jong Kook as he helms a variety show?

Additionally, it turns out former Sistar member Soyou will not only be an MC for the show but also a contestant! For those who are familiar with Soyou, nearly ALL of her duet songs have been a hit. From “Some” to “Stupid in Love” to “I Still”, there is high anticipation for lots of competition for the right to become Soyou’s duet partner!


By Sara N