A-list actor Jung Woo Sung was seen meeting up with comedian Lee Young Ja for a meal on this week’s new episode of MBC’s Omniscient Interviewing View.


On February 16, MBC’s popular TV show Omniscient Interviewing View had a surprise for viewers when actor Jung Woo Sung was seen on screen with Lee Young Ja to enjoy a meal. It has been reported Jung Woo Sung became a fan of Lee Young Ja through Omniscient Interviewing View and invited both Lee Young Ja and her manager to attend a movie premiere followed by a meal.

Jung Woo Sung used this chance to learn how to mukbang from the expert, Lee Young Ja promising viewers a wonderful opportunity to see Jung Woo Sung on a variety show.


Note: Mukbang is a shortened word for mukneun bangsong [Muk (to eat), Bang (show)] meaning eating show

*For readers wanting to watch only the Lee Young Ja segment on Omniscient Interviewing View, Lee Young Ja appears around 35:44 on episode 47.

RECAP here!

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By Sara N