Singer Baek Yerin has made a comeback after more than two years out of the spotlight.

The last song that Baek Yerin released was her Christmas single “Love You on Christmas,” in December 2016. Since then, her fans have lamented the vocalist’s hiatus and wondered when the singer would be back. Indeed, it seems like Baek’s fans and their consistent support played a part in her return.

On Monday, the singer took to social media where she thanked her supporters. “It’s thanks to you,” she wrote to fans. ” I would have achieved nothing without the love and patience the fans who waited for me gave. I really appreciate your love and respect,” said Baek.

The title track “Maybe It’s Not Our Fault,” is from Baek’s second solo mini-album Our Love is Great. It details problems in a relationship and overcoming them together. Meanwhile, Yerin debuted in 2012 as part of the duo 15& with Park Ji-min.