On this week’s episode of MBC’s I Live Alone titled Love Yourself, the show’s favorite guest,  Mamamoo’s Hwasa finally made her reappearance again!

MBC I Live Alone‘s highly popular and anticipated guest was none other than Mamamoo’s Hwasa! Hwasa has previously guest starred on multiple episodes of MBC’s I Love Alone in 2018 causing a sensation after each appearance. In addition, Hwasa ended up taking the rookie trophy home from the MBC Entertainment Awards for her segments on I Live Alone.

Brief background on MBC’s I Live Alone

MBC’s entertainment reality TV program, I Live Alone has been airing every week since March 2013 where cast members and guests view and comment about the current episode. Known for having popular guests (e.g. idols, actors) appear on the show in addition to the hilarious scenes from the cast members, I Live Alone is recognized to be one of the most popular variety shows in Korea. Even MBC’s Omniscient Interviewing View can be said to derived from this show. Current MC Jun Hyun Moo became familiar with his girlfriend model Han Hye Jin while filming on this show in 2017.

Regular cast members: Jun Hyun Moo, Park Narae, Han Hae Jin, Gian84, Lee Si Eon, Henry

Commenters on Hwasa’s segment: Jun Hyun Moo, Park Narae, Han Hae Jin, Mamamoo’s Hwasa, Sung Hoon, Gian84


Opening scene to all commenters gathered together in the studio. MC Jun Hyun Moo starts off with congratulating Hwasa for accomplishing an “all kill” on all the music charts for her solo debut with “Twit”.

Cut to the first scene of Hwasa at home, lying in bed, watching the movie “I am Sam” and eating tangerines without the lights on. Interview cuts to Hwasa saying that “today is a rest day” where she plans to rest at home.

After rolling around in bed for a long time, Hwasa reaches for a book next to her bed while remarking “I’m bored” and finally leaves her bed to turn on the lights. As the camera focuses on the book Hwasa had just grabbed-Art of Peeling Tangerines-commenter Park Narae comments Hwasa seems to have unique books at home referring to the other unique books she saw last time at Hwasa’s home.

Hwasa moves to the sofa and ties her long hair into the trademark top bun and begins looking for an easy activity to try from the book. As Hwasa skims through various pages of making animal figures out of tangerine peels, she decides to try making a bunny rated with 1 star for difficulty.

Hwasa attempts to understand where she needs to start from the instructions (since instructions aren’t numbered or clearly organized) for peeling a tangerine into a bunny shape. In her confused state, she reads a part that states a random fact about how “Rabbits reproduce a lot” to which she reacts with “what kind of dog information is this.”

Cut to the surprised commenters back at the studio to which Gian84 explains authors sometimes add irrelevant information to make the book thicker to increase sales. Hence, why there’s random information in that book.

Hwasa starts crafting her bunny with the tangerine by first drawing the bunny shape with a pen. Unfortunately, as Hwasa cuts along the lines, tangerine juice squirts into her eyes. After getting over the sudden squirt, she’s peeling her bunny out of the tangerine where the finished product is finally revealed!

Once seeing the finished product, everyone back at the studio is laughing at how it looks so different from the expected cute bunny. Cut back to Hwasa who isn’t deterred from her first try and decides her next target will be a horse (difficulty: 2 stars). As the next product is finally revealed-success! It looks like a horse! Hwasa continues to successfully peel a monkey (difficulty: 3 stars) and long tailed rooster (difficulty: 5 stars) from a tangerine to her satisfaction.

Finally meal time!

Hwasa, hungry after her arts and craft time, heads to the kitchen and starts making instant Jjajang ramen! As everyone back at the studio starts salivating while watching Hwasa make her meal, the commenters are shocked at her cooking method which is different from the instructions. Interestingly, Hwasa adds the soup base before the noodles have started boiling and instead lets it simmer for a long time. Followed by adding her secret ingredient-Truffle Oil-which makes the JJajang ramen very rich and luxurious.

While the noodles are done cooking, Hwasa prepares an egg yolk to add as a garnish to her noodle dish but unfortunately the yolk ends up breaking while placed on a bowl. So Hwasa prepares another egg yolk.

After putting the noodles and egg yolks to a plate, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Hwasa grabs an instant meat balls to heat up. After which, Hwasa finally heads to the table with her noodles and meatballs and starts to eat.

Cut back to everyone back at the studio salivating with hunger, Hwasa eats the plate of noodles and comments to herself “It was so good!” Predictably, Hwasa takes her plates back to her kitchen after which she heads back to the bed for a nap.

Time to beat the game

After nap time, Hwasa gets up and heads to her arcade machine! She starts off with collecting all her coins from the arcade machine to use again during her game session. (The benefits of being the arcade owner!) Then she proceeds to insert enough coins for 21 rounds into the arcade machine.

During the game, Hwasa becomes so focused she ends up breaking her nails and reveals various expressions like deep focus, glares, smiles etc. until the end of the game when she finally clears the final round. Thus, her mini happy dance commences.

After Hwasa finishes up with the game, she unplugs the arcade machine and heads straight to the sofa to a rest time. Soon after, she’s removing her fake nails in preparation for her Twit m/v filming. During this time, Hwasa shares she doesn’t have enough time to go to the salon to get her nails done. As a result, she usually requests for various fake nail designs to be prepared for her in advance so she can do them at home.

Time to wig it up and meditate!

Hwasa opens her long awaited packaged which turns out to be wigs she’s ordered from abroad. Hwasa shares she was inspired to wear wigs when she saw Hollywoods celebrities wear wigs to events. Thus, a fitting for wigs follows of which each result is contrary to expectations.

Back at the studio, it turns out Hwasa brought the wigs to give to the commenters. Resulting in the following scenes where all the men to try the wigs on.

Camera rolls back to Hwasa ending her day filming for the show with a session of meditation which helps her relax amidst her busy schedule.

During the ending interview, Hwasa comments it was a very productive day and expresses her satisfaction on a restful day at home.

Brief Afterthought

It is always a pleasure to watch Mamamoo’s Hwasa on MBC’s I Live Alone. She reminds Kpop fans that behind all the glitzy charisma seen on camera, Kpop idols are just like us ordinary folks who like to remove their makeup and just chill at home.

I personally became Hwasa’s fan after her first appearance on this show last year and I’m so glad to see she’s getting much love and attention for her solo debut! Check out the Twit M/V.


Based soley on Hwasa’s appearance on this show, I think she is very good at creating content. Hwasa is able to make something that would be considered ordinary into something special and memorable. Like this week’s arts and crafts with tangerine peels! How is genius is that? I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a trend.

Like previous episodes of Hwasa’s I Live Alone segments, Hwasa’s mukbang is truly the best in increasing one’s appetite. I really ended up craving Jjajang ramen and had to dash to the nearest korean market to make some for myself. While I wanted to try using Hwasa’s method of cooking the dish, since I don’t have truffle oil in my kitchen, I substituted it for some truffle salt I got at TJs awhile back and it tasted pretty good. I’ll probably try making it again once I get my hands on some truffle oil in the near future. 🙂

Lastly, the wig part of the episode reminded me of a scene from Sung Hoon’s debut drama where he had worn a wig as a special event for his on screen bride. I would personally recommend watching this drama (New Tales of Gisaeng) to all Sung Hoon fans!

(check it out at 3:30 into the video)


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By Sara N


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