Park Han-Byul Won’t Step Down from Drama Despite Controversies

Actress Park Han-byul clarified that she is not stepping down from the drama.

On March 19, Park Han-byul posted to Instagram that she is not leaving drama “Loving in Sadness.” She wrote, “It’s to keep the promise with so many people including the production team, broadcast company, and the agency.”

“The shooting actually started last year so we’re currently filming near the end of the drama,” said Park Han-byul. “I’m trying hard not to interrupt the flow of the plot.”

Currently starring in “Loving in Sadness,” the actress is in hot water because of her and her husband’s involvement in the “Seungri Scandal.” Park Han-byul’s husband is named as one of Seungri’s controversial business partners. Police investigation revealed that Park Han-byul played golf with the Police Senior Superintendent, who is suspected of helping cover up criminal activities.

“I don’t want to cause any more trouble and the pain of it is killing me,” Park Han-byul added. “But I’m putting more effort to the drama because it’s the only way I can return the support from those grateful people.”


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Lee Jung-Jae and Shin Min-A to Star in New JTBC Drama

JTBC has secured an all-star line-up for its upcoming drama “The Assistant,” including actor Lee Jung-jae and actress Shin Min-a.

Lee Jung-jae (left) and Shin Min-a – OSEN News database

On Tuesday, a spokesperson from JTBC reported that Lee Jung-jae and Shin Min-a have decided to appear in the networks new Friday-Saturday drama “The Aide” (working title).

The drama is about the dangerous games that politicians play behind closed doors and outside of the spotlight. As these influential people scrap for power and influence, the super assistant Jang Tae-joon (played by Lee Jung-jae) learns to survive and moves toward the pinnacle of power.

Jang begins the series as a senior aide to a fourth-term lawmaker but started his career as a policeman and investigator. However, later on, he decided to enter the National Assembly for more power.

The news that Lee will be staring in the drama is starting and exciting. It has been a decade since the lauded actor, now known more for his films roles, starred in a television series. His last drama, “Triple,” aired in 2009 and marked a departure from the silver screen for the next decade.

Over that time, Lee took on roles that spanned various genres, including melodrama, action, and crime. Some of his most memorable projects include The Face Reader, Assassination, and the Along With the Gods series. According to the actor, the uniqueness of the character made him accept the role.

“I’ve always had the desire to challenge a character that has never been seen before, ” said Lee in a recent interview. “The Aide,” which draws inspiration from real-life characters and events, deals with corruption, power, the law, and goodwill in a way that never been portrayed as earnestly.

On the other hand, Shin Min-a’s character Kang Sun-young is a competent first-term lawmaker. With dignity and confidence, she works to break the glass ceiling and feels no shame in her ability and ambition. With the support of the public, she gradually moves upward in the hierarchy of power.

Additionally, like Lee, Shin has not taken on a television role in years. Her last part was as Song Ma-rin in tVN’s 2017 show “Tomorrow With You” opposite Lee Je-hoon.

Meanwhile, “The Aide” is scheduled to air after “Beautiful World” concludes sometime in late May.




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Kim Sa-Rang to Act in Upcoming Drama with Park Bo-Young

Actress Kim Sa-rang is returning to the small screen in 4 years.

Leo International

The most anticipated TV drama for May, “Abyss” has confirmed another cast member.

“Abyss” is fantasy drama following two people who born again through “soul revival marbles.” Given new lives and new looks, they search for the murderer who killed them.

In the drama, Kim Sa-rang will be featured as a beautiful and smart prosecutor. One day, her life gets a sudden turn as she is involved in a murder case. Through “abyss,” she revives with a different look, from which will be taken over by Park Bo-young.

It’s a meaningful drama to Kim Sa-rang as well, because it marks her small screen return in 4 years. Being cast with Park Bo-young in two-person one-role drama, Kim Sa-rang is ready to mesmerize the viewers.

Abyss, which is the upcoming drama of tvN, will premiere in May.


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Cast of ‘Kingdom 2’ Grieves After Staff Member Passes Away in Car Accident

The team behind Netflix original Korea drama “Kingdom 2” mourn the loss of a staff member.

On Tuesday, a staff member surnamed Lee was on his way to work on “Kingdom 2” never made it to the filming location in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province. Sadly, on the way to there, Lee got into a fatal car accident that took his life. Reportedly, Lee was transporting props for filming, which made the news even more heartbreaking.

Talking about the accident, the production team said that the entire team is mourning the loss. “After hearing the sad news about [Lee] we are all grieving,” they said. Offering their deepest sympathies and condolences to the deceased and family members, they have decided to stop filming for the time being. They plan to honor a period of mourning for all those involved in the production.

Meanwhile, “Kingdom” and its second season, is a mystery thriller that takes place during the tail-end of the Joseon Dynasty. With a sickness that appears to reanimate the dead, the prince and his trusted colleagues are the only hope the country has.




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Kang Ki-Young Takes a Role on Upcoming Drama ‘Moment of Eighteen’

Kang Ki-young raises excitement for upcoming JTBC drama “Moment of Eighteen” after confirming his appearance.

Image source – OSEN News

Actor Kang Ki-young has confirmed his appearance in JTBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Moment of Eighteen” as novice high school teacher Oh Han-gyeul.

“Moment of Eighteen” is a story about youth on the cusp of adulthood. Top students Yoo Soo-bin (Kim Hyang-gi) Ma Whi-young (Shin Seung-ho) seem perfect on the outside, but internally they are facing a battle. Yoo looks to establish her independence from her controlling mother, while Ma is rather timid. However, their lives change when Choi Joon-woo (Ong Seong-wu) enters their lives.

While Oh Han-gyeul is by no means on the cusp of adulthood, his interactions with Yoo, Ma, and Choi inextricably change him. Throughout the show, he grows as a teacher in confidence and also in his experiences.




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Park Min-Young to Turn into Devoted Fangirl in New Drama

The first teaser video for upcoming drama “Her Private Life” featured Park Min-young’s transformation into an enthusiastic fangirl.

“Her Private Life,” which is the new drama to premiere on tvN, has released the first teaser video. In the drama, actress Park Min-young turns into professional curator who is also a devoted fangirl of an idol star. The comically depicts the relationship between her and her boss at the art gallery.

The 15-second teaser captures the contrast between the two main characters. While Par Min-young portrays a perfect transformation with a gigantic camera, Kim Jae-wook, who acts the role of her Boss, Ryan, curiously asks what “fangirling” means.

“Her Private Life,” will premiere on April 10, following “Touch Your Heart.”


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Actress Go Ara Injured During Shoot for SBS’s Drama ‘Haechi’

Haechi‘s female lead, actress Go Ara reported to have injured her right foot.

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Lee Jong-Suk Will Not Attend ‘Romance Is a Bonus Book’ After Party Due to Military Enlistment

Actor Lee Jong-suk decides not to attend the “Romance Is a Bonus Book” show completion ceremony due to upcoming military enlistment.

Image source – OSEN News database

A representative from “Romance Is a Bonus Book” told media outlets on Thursday that actor Lee Jong-suk will not be attending the show’s after party celebrating the show’s completion. According to reports, it was up in the air whether he would go. However, with his enlistment scheduled for Friday, he decided to use his time to prepare.

Lee will begin his alternative military service as a social worker on the 8th. The actor suffered a major car accident when he was young and was diagnosed with a level 4 when he had his physical examination. As a result, he will not be an active duty soldier.

An official said that he is going to spend some time with family before enlisting without any special event. Accordingly, the place and time of his enlistment are closed to the public.




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Singer-Turned-Actor Rain Considers Casting Offer for New MBC Drama

Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) is considering starring in MBC’s new drama “A Double Life” (working title).

Image source – OSEN News database

On Tuesday, a report from OSEN News said that MBC offered singer-turned-actor Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, the lead male role in a new drama.

The new drama called “A Double Life” (working title) is said to be a 16-part series follows a once successful lawyer by the name of Lee Jae-sang. Lee is considered an “ace” at his law firm JK Law, which ranks as one of the top five in the nation. However, after an unfortunate accident, everything changes.

Yoo Hee-kyung is credited for the script and Kim Jong-hak, and Kim Geun-hong will be in charge of production and directing, respectively. According to reports, MBC is aiming to air the series sometime at the end of July after its other monthly dramas have all concluded. Jung is currently considering the role.

Meanwhile, Jung and his wife recently made headlines after announcing they are expecting a second child.





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Cha Eun-Woo to Star in Upcoming Historical Period Drama

Singer-turned-actor Cha Eun-woo has confirmed to star in upcoming historical fiction drama.

Fantagio Ent.

After the huge success of “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty,” Cha Eun-woo is making a bold decision to take the lead in a new genre of drama. Through “Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung” (working title), the star is to make a historical period drama debut.

Set in the early 19th century, the drama follows female historians who struggle against social standards set by gender and social class.

In the drama, Cha Eun-woo is to act the character Lee Lim, a prince who never leaves the castle who secretly writes romantic novel hits. His encounter with Goo Hae-ryung, the female historian and “legal stalker” of his, make him aware of love and world outside of the castle for the first time.

“I loved the script and the motifs were interesting,” said Cha Eun-woo through his agency. “Most importantly, the character Lee Lim made me excited. I want to illustrate the growth of this character well.”

Meanwhile, actress Shin Se-kyung has confirmed to act the female lead, Goo Hae-ryung. “Rookie Historial Goo Hae-ryung” will premiere in July.


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