Celebrity Baby William Hammington Greeted by Indonesian Fans in Bali

Instagram @williamhammington

Korean-Australian baby William Hammington might be the youngest member of the ‘Hallyu’ stars list!

William Hammington is the first son of Australian comedian Sam Hammington and his Korean wife Jung Yu-mi. The Hammington family is currently appearing on the KBS 2TV show ‘The Return of Superman’ where Sam takes care of his two sons, William and Bentley, alone.

On February 5th (KST), William’s mother posted several pictures of William on his official Instagram.


In the pictures, William and his brother Bentley are looking at the camera at the airport. The caption says: “We are vacationing to Bali~ Looking forward to meet people in Bali~~ Happy New Year~~”.

Several hours after the post was shared, some fans in Bali went out to the Bali airport to welcome the Hammington family. Below are some of the posts the fans have shared on Instagram.







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Amber Liu, Park Na-Rae, Chungha and more featured in Nike Women’s Campaign

Artists BoA, Amber Liu, and Chungha, entertainer Park Na-rae, and professional golfer Park Sung-hyun participated in Nike Women’s latest campaign.

Nike Korea

On January 31, Nike launched 2019 Women’s Just Do It campaign to support ambitious women who believe in their possibilities and to encourage women to choose self-driven lives.

As a part of the campaign this year, Nike introduced women in various fields who aspire to find the true value and energy against social stereotypes.

In addition to Amber Liu, who has established her own style free from the popular standards, multi-talented entertainer Park Na-rae, courageous vocalist Chungha, and professional golfer Park Sung-hyun are featured in the campaign video titled, “Believe in the Greatness Called You.”


In addition, BoA also participated as a narrator, conveying the message of infinite possibilities for women who believe in themselves.

“I tried so hard for such a long time to fit into the popular standards,” said Amber. “But I found myself going further from my fundamental self, which frustrated me.”

She continued, “I made myself stronger through sports and endeavored to find my true self. Now I love and respect as the way I am.”

Launched by unveiling the campaign video, 2019 Nike Women’s Just Do It will be followed by various events that encourage women to express themselves through sports.


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GOT7 Mark Say That the Group Is Always His Focus

As time goes on the different charms of GOT7 Mark, the shy visual, slowly come to light, but through the five years that the group has been together, one thing has not changed his focus on the group.

GOT7 member Mark decorates the pages of The Star‘s February issue in a unique eye-catching pictorial. In the shots, the rapper dons a variety of different pieces including a sequined shirt, a jacket that appears to be filled with fabric flowers, and patterned trousers.

In the interview after the photo shoot, Mark takes about a few things that have caught his interest recently. In particular, he has found a fashion has grabbed his attention. “Nowadays, I’ve been interested in fashion which came about after I took pictures for different fashion magazines by myself,” said Mark.

Moreover, he has found that unusual piece to be exciting. “This time, I tried on a pair of short pants for the first time, and it was cool,” he said adding that having to try on different clothes for these shoots have allowed him to show different sides of himself.

Besides fashion, the GOT7 member has been exposed as quite the trickster thanks to his participation in the XtvN show “GOT7 Real Thai” that is currently broadcasting. “Everyone said they were surprised by my playful sense of humor. Originally, I like to tease and play around with my friends (privately). But this time around, I think I’m more comfortable,” he admitted.

However, above all of this, Mark said that his greatest interest lays with his group, GOT7, both its success and personal development. Since making their debut five years ago, the members have grown together. “Out team GOT7 always. Now that we’ve made out debut, the members have created many of our own stories and give each other strength.”

With that said, it seems like he has finally made peace with his identity and career. “I once thought, ‘what am I doing?'” Mark reveals when thinking about being a K-pop idol. Now, “I definitly like it, but I was confused about whether it was right for me or not.”

A lot of this acceptance has come with time and GOT7 increasing control over their music and means of communication with their fans. Although he was very determined to be top brass when he was a trainee, once he debuted with the group, the long hours and hard work was a difficult adjustment. “I don’t want those kinds of days now. We wanted to communicate with fans like we do now and make the music we wanted to do.”

Further, although he has been doing a few photo shoots by himself, he hopes that everyone will get to know the group through him.




Image source – The Star Magazine

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Kim Jae-Joong Talks About Finally Having Artistic Freedom in New Interview

For the first time in years, Kim Jae-joong feels like he finally has the artistic freedom he has always wanted.

After 16 years in the business, Kim Jae-joong is as popular as ever and is sharing what keeps him excited in an interview with Star1 Magazine.

“It’s been 16 years since I debuted, but I don’t feel it,” said Kim. Rather, he feels like a rookie, especially when it comes to his activities outside of South Korea. “It seems like in Japan I am more like a hardworking rookie. To have a ‘rookie’s heart’ is a good feeling,” he said. However, location and having a “rookie’s heart” is only part of what of what has kept him excited about being in the entertainment business.

“I am grateful for being able to do what I wanted for the first time in eight years,” the singer and actor revealed. In 2018, the singer has dedicated more energy to his Japanese activities and appears to have been a welcomed change by both himself and those who work with him. “A lot of staff members greeted me and it was nice,” he said.

The JYJ member also has other things in the works, too. “We are currently preparing for an iHQ Channel show. It’s been a long time since I came back to television, and it seems like a lot of interesting artistic talent will come onto the program.” Besides this upcoming television show, he has another project that he is working on: his fan meeting.

His upcoming fan meeting J-Party & Mini Concert sold out just two minutes after they went on sale. Talking about the event, he said that it combines a full concert and fan meeting into one. Moreover, when he heard about it selling out it less than five minutes, he couldn’t believe it. “I thought it was a lie,” the singer revealed. “I am so grateful to my fans,” he said.

Kim Jae-joong’s entire interview along with the pictorial are in the February issue of Star1 Magazine.



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This Photographer is Hot Issue Right Now for Resembling Singer IU

A photographer is a hot issue right now for resembling singer IU.

Instagram @kimcheonga
Instagram @kimcheonga
Instagram @kimcheonga

Photographer Kim Cheonga first gained recognition back in 2017 for looking very much alike IU.

Under the photos of herself she posted on her Instagram, many have commented that she and IU looked so much a like that they even look like “twins”. Especially in some of her photos, her hairstyle and fashion are very similar to IU’s.

Since 2015, Kim Cheonga has been working as a freelance photographer, and she is also close friends with Sulli.


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Top Models Han Hye Jin & Song Kyung Ah Dish Out on Hardships

Top Models Han Hye Jin & Song Kyung Ah dish on hardships being international models.


Models Han Hye Jin (MBC ‘I Live Alone’) and Song Kyung Ah are widely known to be besties. On Jan 2 on MBC FM4U, these two shared the pains of being a model like maintaining their weight at 49 kg, which is approximately 108 lbs! Keeping in mind Model Han Hye Jin is 5 ft 9.5 inches and Song Kyung Ah is 5 ft 11 inches, it isn’t hard to imagine the suffering these two beautiful ladies experience for their profession.

Contrary to expectations, the two models shared how they love to eat. At their lowest weight of 48 kg (~105lbs) in their modelling careers, both recalled the experience of looking like a skeleton. Model Song Kyung Ah stated she lost weight regardless of her calorie intake due to intense stress during that period and how she can not imagine going back to her previous weight.

Due to her love for carbs she got her nickname “carb fairy.” In order to maintain her figure Model Song focuses on stretching and Pilates while eating mostly fruits and limiting her carb intake.

Aside from dieting, Model Song Kyung Ah shared how she previously wore heels in daily life just in case she might get scouted on the streets. She signed with her first modeling agency in order to fix her habit of slouching at her mother’s recommendation. Thanks to that decision she has become a household name today.

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Jessica Talks About Her Sister Krystal in New Photoshoot Interview

High Cut Magazine released new photos of singer Jessica, which will be officially printed on December 20th.

During the interview after the photoshoot, Jessica answered to the question “why she chose a carol song ‘One More Christmas’ for her comeback song”. Jessica answered, “Christmas is the most glamorous holiday of the year and everyone looks forward to it. For me, when I think of the carol songs I used to listen with my family when I was a child, they always bring me back to those times. I feel like I can still smell the scents and feel the atmosphere at that time. I hope this song can become such gift to my fans, as well.”

 Jessica’s Christmas carol song ‘One More Christmas’ will be released on December 14th.

To the question whether she regrets going into fashion, Jessica said, “I usually don’t regret much about things in general, so no. Also it was such a long-time dream and goal of mine. I met the right team at the right moment, and I have been working very happily. It is also very interesting how my dream is becoming reality step by step. I’d like to enjoy slowly instead of trying to achieve something in a short period of time.”

Jessica also mentioned that her sister Krystal is a big energy for her. Krystal has once also picked Jessica as her mentor. Jessica said, “Krystal is also a mentor for me in many ways. We get inspired from each other in everything, and support each other.”

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Kim Hye-Soo Launches “No Plastic Challenge”

Actress Kim Hye-soo helped launch an eco-friendly challenge with SBS’ social media platform, Videomug.


While South Korea is putting effort to reduce the plastic pollution by regulating the use of plastic cups at coffee shops, Kim Hye-soo has joined an environmental campaign.

In the first episode of “No Plastic Challenge,” which was released on September 25 through Videomug and SBS 8 News, the actress shared how she is contributing to save the environment.

“One day after shooting, I noticed that the trashcan in my dressing room was filled with plastic bottles and cups me and my staffs disposed for the day,” said Kim Hye-soo. “Since then, we’ve been carrying tumblers. When we have to use plastic cups, we re-use the cups so that we can limit the usage to one cup a day.”

For the celebrities to continue the challenge, Kim Hye-soo named actors Jung Woo-sung and Han Ji-min. “I’m aware of their interests in social issues like this,” Kim added.


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Meet Sean, the Man Who Revived the “Ice Bucket Challenge” in South Korea

Sean’s 2018 reinvigoration of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” in South Korea is enjoying even more success than its 2014 predecessor. However, Sean, who is the co-founder of the Korea Hope Foundation, has a larger goal in mind.

Since its viral ascent in 2014, the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” which started in the U.S. but has since gone global, has evolved into an event that is synonymous with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). Although the “Ice Bucket Challenge” is well known throughout the world, only in Korea is the challenge actively taking place as of 2018.

This year’s round of challengers and donators started with a man named Sean. In April Sean did the “Ice Bucket Challenge” with his longtime friend and former basketball player Park Seung-il by his side. Together the two established the Korean Hope Foundation (KHF). Park Seung-il in 2011.

Sean does the Ice Bucket Challenge with Park Seung-Il – SNS

Park was the youngest coach of the Korean professional basketball league, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease at a hospital he visited in April 2002 due to his physical discomfort. Due to Park’s condition, ALS has been an important the organization’s founders. As a result, many celebrities are choosing to send their ALS associated donations to the foundation.

Explaining why he decided to do so, Sean said that he “wanted to revive the fun influence of the ice bucket challenge, where on person nominates three other people.” Doing a bit of calculation, Sean said that around 85,873 people participate every ten days or so through the challenge. With those numbers, the Ice Bucket challenge greatly increased donations and helped to educate people about ALS.

However, Sean saw the campaign shrink rapidly in Korea since 2014. As that time, celebrities who helped to broadcast the challenge and its mission grew increasingly intimidated by criticism. People commented that they were participating for their own benefit and used it as a way to board personal connections with others.

While a good idea, many participants chose to donate rather than upturn a bucket of ice-water on their heads. As such, the campaign ended due to a lack of nominations from challengers. “In 2014, we [couldn’t] name the next three people if we didn’t do the challenge,” Sean explained.

However, it seems that the 2018 campaign has avoided the pitfalls that plagued it four years ago. With a little over two weeks since the challenge began, it has already surpassed the fever of 2014. Already top singers, actors, comedians, and others have participated.

Speaking about the difference between the current and past Ice Bucket Challenge, Sean said that it has matured. “I feel (that it is) much more mature than in 2014…most of the participants make donations even when they do the challenge,” Sean explained. Moreover, with this year’s round of nominations and buckets of ice water, it appears that participants are more clear about the meaning, significance, and rules of the event.

Furthermore, in addition to doing the challenge and making donations, many celebrities are also taking the time to write out meaningful notes that they share on social media regarding ALS. With these extra steps, Sean said that it is helping to spread beyond celebrities and to the general public who are finding ways to get involved. Fans of Park Bogum, for example, donated over 6,000 won to the Korea Hope Foundation in celebration of the actor’s birthday.

Image source – Korea Hope Foundation

From when the foundation was established in 2011 until last year, the Korea Hope Foundation raised 4 billion won (3,621,400 USD), with 1 billion coming from Ice Bucket donations alone. With these donations, Sean says that the Korea Hope Foundation aims to establish the country’s first Lou Gehrig’s nursing home. In particular, this goal goes back to Sean’s friendship with Park Seung-il. When Sean discovered that Park has ALS, he promised to help establish this nursing home.

“When Lou Gehrig’s nursing clinic is established, families can trust the care of hospitals and take care of patients,” Sean said. Further, “Lou Gehrig’s disease can last as long as five years…The reason why Seung-il has been able to go through 16 years is that he was desperate to build a nursing home for Lou Gehrig’s disease. I think it’s becoming possible with the ice bucket challenge. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all those who participated.”



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Ahn Hyun-mo: from SBS Reporter to Simultaneous Interpreter for Billboard Music Awards

Ahn Hyun-mo, a former SBS reporter, is now actively working as an interpreter.

Ahn does simultaneous interpretation for not only the entertainment industry, but also political events. On the 21st last month, she did a live interpretation for the ‘2018 Billboard Music Awards’.

On June 12th (KST), which was the day North Korea and United States’ summit took place, Ahn appeared on the SBS show ‘2018 US and North Korea Summit – Drawing the Peace’.

During the show, Ahn Hyun-mo did a live translation of CNN international correspondent Will Ripley’s report. During the show, Ahn’s name was ranked #1 on the hot search list.

After the show aired, she posted her picture in the studio on Instagram.

Rhymer Kim, music label Brandnew Music’s CEO and Ahn’s husband, re-posted the photo of his wife and wrote, “historical moment and best interpretation in history”.


Ahn Hyun-mo graduated from Daewon Foreign Language High School and got her bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Seoul National University. She then got her master’s degree from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies’ Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation.

Since leaving SBS in 2016 where she worked as a reporter, Ahn has been working as a freelance interpreter and MC. Also, she got married to producer Rhymer Kim on September 30th last year.


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