K-Beauty Insiders Hope to Build Bridges Through Event in Atlanta

The Deputy Consul General of South Korea in Atlanta said he hopes to make further inland into the cosmetics industry in Atlanta, Georgia through K-beauty and community building.

At the Beauty Trade Show site in Georgia at the Cobb Galleria Centre, major guests including Deputy Consul General Son Young Pyo and DeKalb County Commissioner Larry Johnson talk while looking at booths – Korea Daily

Over 100 companies gathered at the Cobb Galleria Centre on Sunday of the 12th annual Georgia Beauty Trade Show. For decades, Atlanta has served as the mecca for “Black beauty” where cosmetics and other beauty accessories tailored an African-American demographic. It is an industry that is surprisingly powered by South Koreans.

Staring in post-war South Korea, women sold their hair in exchange for money that could be used to buy food and other basic necessities, reports The Economist. The export of the product in the throughout the 1960s helped them corner a booming market in the U.S. Presently, Korean-Americans largely control the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of hair extension and wig to a customer base that is overwhelmingly Black.

Unsurprisingly, this market monopoly has spawned tension in the beauty industry. However, at this year’s Beauty Trade Show, organizers pushed a message of community building and reconciliation.

Son Young-pyo, the Deputy Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Atlanta said at the opening ceremony that with the thousands of business people in attendance that the venue becomes of “festival to communicate with each other, eat together, and share the joy as well as economic exchanges.”

As in years past, the event allowed sellers and beauty experts a space to show off trending items, new wears, and products, with a slight difference. Seeking to overcome the current division and tension in the beauty industry, there was a push to have the participating companies actively interact. Further, there was also a focus on opening a channel of communication between the local market and the Korean beauty industry.

Image source – Georgia Beauty Supply Association

This push for more K-beauty in Atlanta coincides with the ever increasing popularity of Korean popular culture products — most evidently music. Atlanta houses over 50,000 Korean-Americans and has become an increasingly appealing stop for K-pop groups touring in the U.S. Moreover, as K-beauty begins to expand their products to accommodate a broader range of needs, they also become more appealing.




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[Opinion] Holika Holika X Jella Collaboration Is a Turning Point for K-Beauty

Earlier this year the Korean cosmetics brand Holika Holika launched one of the deepest foundation shades sold in South Korea. As a result, although the line only has six colors for customers to chose from, it is one of the most inclusive lines sold domestically.

At the beginning of September, Holika Holika added shade 6 Jella, to its Hard Cover Glow foundation line. As the name of the shade suggests, the cosmetic’s brand collaborated with Korean Youtube star Jella to create shade 6.

Her new shade for Holika Holika, Jella mentions in a video that she went through several modifications before setting on the warm brown hue. According to the Youtuber, she wanted a deep shade that would not make the wearer look washed out due to a cool undertone. As such, she based her color on Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Tahoe but aimed for a shade that was a tad bit lighter.

As someone who prefers to tan, the Jella previously use products for meant for contouring or mixing like VLD’s Expert Blending Shade or using imported foreign brands like MAC or Nars, to find a matching shade.

The reason for this is because South Korean makeup brands release very limited foundation shades. One brand, Clio, as a popular Kill Cover Foundation that comes in four different colors: lingerie, linen, ginger, and sand for color. Like Clio, the majority of brands in South Korea have a lackluster selection of medium (or deep) shades — if they make them at all.


While this makes sense in what is generally considered a homogenous society and population, look wise, to match. However, this is definitely not the reality. The fact remains that although a limited shade range does suit a large percentage of the population, it does not match everyone. Those with deeper skin, like Jella, are left on the fringe of the domestic beauty market. As a result, the Youtuber has expressed a need for further development.

With the addition of this new shade, Holika Holika has become one if not the only beauty brands to sell such a deep tone within South Korea at an affordable price. There are other companies like Innisfree that also has deep tones, but those are only available in the U.S.  Hopefully, with the successful launch of this new product, other beauty brands will also follow suit.



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K-beauty Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Are Not Extreme

Halloween is just around the corner! You have your cute costume and everything, but maybe not exactly sure about makeup. Here are 5 Korean Halloween makeup tutorials that are not extreme at all, so you can actually look pretty while looking scary at the same time.

1. Im Bora


By now, most of you must know that she is famous for being rapper Swing’s girlfriend. But you know what? The 23-year-old model has unbelievable makeup skills. Just watch the video, her Halloween makeup will give you chills (Wait till the end for Girl’s Day’s Sojin and Hyeri’s reactions).

2. Cho Hyojin


First of all, those tattoos of beauty YouTuber Hyojin are fake! After completing her ‘girl crush’ Halloween look, you might as well want to try those fake tattoos to add more uniqueness!

3. Heizle


Is that a doll am I seeing in the thumbnail? Heizle, who recently gained a lot of attention with her cover makeup of BLACKPINK’s Jennie, will guide you to complete a cold, spooky makeup look.

4. Leesu


Do you wanna go actually even more spooky? Then try Leesu’s ‘dark vampire makeup’ tutorial. Don’t forget to finish your look with your costume!

5. Risabae


This tutorial is not exactly a “Halloween” makeup look, but what can I say. You can never go wrong with Risabae, who has almost 2 million followers! Follow this “fall street style makeup” tutorial to look sharp and clean, but still good enough for Halloween.


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5 Lesser-Known K-Beauty Brands You Should Check Out

For the past decade, Korean cosmetic products have established their spots on the must-buy lists of the visitors. Whether it’s as a gift or for a personal use, the wide variety and the high quality of Korean beauty products won’t let you down.

If you’re digging down for something deeper than easily spotted street brands like Etude House or Nature Republic, below is a list of brands you may find appealing.


Dear Dahlia

Dear Dahlia

The marble-decorated packaging designs captivate people at first sight, but Dear Dahlia is not just a pretty makeup brand. The brand became popular for using safe and natural ingredients without falling behind the trends.

The brand produces a wide variety of products ranging from Cushion Foundation to lipsticks. The most popular product is the octagon-shaped mini palette comprising two shades of eye shadow and a blusher.

Dear Dahlia’s products are available online or at Chicor, which is Korea’s Sephora-like beauty store.





3CE, originally launched by online clothing brand Style Nanda, has now become an established cosmetic brand known globally. Recently, the brand called attention as it sold to French personal care brand L’Oreal.

The young, trend-leading brand is a must-visit if you’re looking for quality eyeshadows and lip colors. The brand occasionally makes collaborations with renowned brands, such as Maison Kitsune, which would make a great gift.





If you’re looking for skincare products rather than makeup, take a look at FFLOW. FFLOW is a skincare brand launched by a group of beauty magazine editors. Based on accumulated data and years-long analysis, the brand created products for different concerns and skin types.

Its “Oilsoo Calming Skin” is one of the hottest products among Korean beauty YouTubers. Reviews say that the product is good for any skin type.





Despite its limited number of products, Tamburins make highly giftable products. Tamburins’ products lineup is limited to toner, facial cream, hand cream, and perfume. However, if you take a look at their products and the way they present them, you would agree that they make perfect gifts.

Tamburins’ latest release, which a perfumed cream contained in a tube, is my personal recommendation.





Bbia is a cosmetic brand well known to Koreans, but not as much to others. Due to its sales method, Bbia’s products were available online only for a long time, which decreased the accessibility of the products. However, as they are made available at local pharmacy store chain LOHB’s, you can now find its products more easily.

If you’re interested in makeup and makeup products, you would probably know that slightest difference in shades makes a big difference on the face. Bbia seems to be aware of that too, as its products come as a set of similar colors from the same shade category.



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Korean Beauty Information Show ‘Get It Beauty’ to Be Made in Vietnam

Korea’s most well-known beauty information TV show “Get It Beauty” has recently sold the format copyright to a Vietnamese TV production company.


According to CJ E&M, they’ve finalized their contract with Vietnamese production company TNA Entertainment to sell the format copyright of “Get It Beauty.”

“People in Vietnam will soon be able to find the Vietnamese version of the show,” said CJ E&M. “We’re in discussion with other countries as well, which make us glad to confirm the global influence of the show as a leading K-beauty content.”

The owner of TNA, who also is a famous actor, Truong Ngoc Anh purchased the show’s format to produce TV contents about beauty, which also is a hot topic in Vietnam.

Premiered in 2006, “Get It Beauty” is OnStyle’s representative TV show. Previously in March, the show proved its brand power by holding “Get It Beauty Con,” which was the first beauty festival in the country.


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Unique K-Beauty Products for Blow-The-Neck Care for Women

K-beauty skincare is not just for the face and neck.

When people think about Korean skincare, fantastic and innovative products for the face come to mind. However, people have skin all over their body (shocking!) and K-beauty brands have created products to address some of the ailments of the body with beauty products for below-the-neck.

Interestingly, many of the products are geared toward softening, cleansing, brightening, and skin tone adjustment. As a forewarning, these are products created with the Korean beauty standard in mind, so they may not be ideal for everyone.


Soft, Smooth, and Symmetrical


Callus Care Elbow Patch


Everyone strives for smooth and soft elbows, right? Koelf’s Callus Care Elbow Patch is the dream product for baby-soft elbows. It contains urea and papaya enzymes that dissolve callused skin while moisturizing. Slap the patch onto the troubled area for about an hour then remove and wash.


Milky Piggy Elastic Bust Cream


Keep everything where they should be with Elizaecca’s Super Elastic Bust Cream. As the name implies, this beauty product can “give elasticity” to your bust area. Just apply once in the morning and evening using a counterclockwise motion. Massage for at least 5-minutes each session to get the best results.


So Hot Body Skinny Patch


Similar to those belly slimming patches that pop up on Instagram, A’Pieu’s So Hot Body Skinny Patch is placed on pudgy problem areas. When applied, it creates a heating sensation that firms that body and destroys fat…? Maybe. None of this is proven so at the very least it’s a portable heat patch. ?


Hot Burning Perfect Body Gel


This is like an upgraded version of the patch, one that you can slather all over your body and watch all that excess you disappear. According to Missha’s website, the Hot Burning Perfect Body Gel creates “firm, tight skin and perfect body line.” Notably, the product has seaweed and bitter orange extract that helps to restore elasticity to the skin.


Skin Smoothing Body Peeling Mist


Welcome to the future where body scrubs are so yesterday. Nature Republic’s Smoothing Body Peeling Mist can be described as a spray-on chemical exfoliant. Spray generously on the desired body part and rub until dead skin begins to fall off. Moreover, this product contains peach, cotton, and phytoncide extract that helps to smooth skin.


You Do Pink


Tosowoong’s You Do Pink is a nipple cream that can help you get rosy mountain peaks. Not only is it a temporary dye, but it also helps to reduce wrinkles! Apply and let dry for around three minutes and wipe off with a wet towel.


Secret Body Solution Whitening Essence


Innocently marketed as a whitening product for elbows, knees, underarms and the bikini area, It’s Skin’s Secret Body Solution Whitening Essence is contains a flower complex and collagen for moisturizing and “tightening.” Basically, this can be used beyond the bikini area as a kind of vaginal rejuvenation.


One Step Special Zone Brightening Pad


This is like the patch, but instead of smoothing Forest N’s One Step Special Zone Brightening Pad brightens with 10,000ppm of pearl extract. Additionally, it also has glacial milk with soothes irritated skin caused by sweat and dead skin. This can be used in the same places as the It’s Skin product.


Lingerie on the Virgin Herb-Fore + Tea Tree Feminine Mist


Consider these two products “panty potpourri” to keep your most intimate area smelling fresh and unoffensive all day. The Lingerie on the Virgin Herb-Fore is an essential oil dropper used on the underwear or menstruation pad, but not on the skin! Likewise, the Tea Tree Feminine Mist is a refresher that can be used throughout the day. Tea tree has natural anti-fungal and bacterial properties.


Hole Cleaner


Finally, we enter the holes…the belly button and the ear holes that is. Unlike the provocative name, this product is used to remove dead cells and dust from the areas mentioned above.


Secret Care Inner Bubble Cleanser


Now the actual hole cleaner. A’pieu’s Secret Care Inner Bubble Cleanser is a foam wash that helps to balance the pH levels and freshens the vagina.


Innergarm Disposable Feminine Multi-care essence


Some have referred to Wettrust’s Innergram Disposable Multicare Essence Gel as a lubricant for intercourse. And in some ways it, with viscosity and texture that is similar to a woman’s natural sexual secretion. However, with this product being an essence it is really supposed to be used to maintain a vagina’s internal environment. It is a water-soluble gel with sodium hyaluronate for an ultra-hydrating effect. Further, it also has other ingredients that assist in skin repair and reduces irritation and itchiness.



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Actress Song Ji-hyo to MC a New Beauty Focused Program

Actress and “Running Man” star Song Ji-Hyo is set to get her own program.

Song Ji-hyo
Song Ji-hyo attends a press conference for her new movie “Wind Wind Wind” on March 6 in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul – OSEN News

On Style is planning to release a new program called “Song Ji-Hyo’s Beautiful Life.” More, the program will cover all aspects of beauty and lifestyle. Further, the program is set to start broadcasting on April 5.

On Style describes it as a reality TV show that breaks out of the limitations of a studio with “real spot” beauty and lifestyle. The “real spot” label come from the structure of the show, which will ask from viewer and audience participation.

Cast members will have a mission where they have to sell their products on site to the audience. Then, the audience gradually comes to a consensus about the product. Moreover, cast members will try to create their own limited edition items for fans. The producers expected this interaction to make for an exciting and entertaining experience. Additionally, this also sets the show apart by not just having a one-way delivery of information.

The actress is also an acknowledged beauty icon in South Korea and internationally. Recently Song was voted as the “K-Beauty Muse,” representing Korea at the Get It Beauty festival. The festival takes place from Mar. 9-11. There, Song will have a panel where she will share her beauty know-how and other tips.

When asked about the show, the actress said, ” I am happy to be the MC of ‘Beautiful Life because I’ve always been interested in inner and healthy beauty.’ More, ” Being able to directly communicate with people is refreshing.” Furthermore, Song intends to make the program inclusive. “I want to it so that it will be fun for everyone, and beauty beginners globally can enjoy it equally.”

Want to know where you can get your K-beauty product fix? Check out our post here.



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Actress Song Ji-hyo Voted As the ‘K-Beauty Muse’ by the Public

Song Ji-hyo’s solidifies her position as a beauty icon.

Image source – OSEN News

Song Ji-hyo’s company, MY Company, announced on January 29 that the actress will attend the Get It Beauty festival as the “K-Beauty Muse.” Further, her position as the muse was decided by an online survey that ran from January 11-20 that accumulated a total of 81,037 different votes. Out of the many contenders, Song Ji-hyo was selected as the representative K-Beauty muse of Korea.

As the representative beauty muse, Song Ji-hyo will also have a panel where she will show off her beauty know-how and share helpful tips. This panel alone is raising anticipation for the beauty festival, which will take place from March 9-11.

In recent years, the actress and Running Man member has worked to steadily increased her presence in the beauty and fashion industries. She has acted as the celebrity model for high-end beauty and fashion brands such as Bobbi Brown, Benefit, and Fossil.

Moreover, last year, she partnered with CELDERMA for the hydrating Krystal Skin line. Furthermore, in addition to being a brand model, the actress continually receives requests to appear in leading overseas magazines, demonstrating her growing reputation as a beauty icon.

When Song Ji-hyo isn’t dazzling people with her beauty and fashion, she is busy acting and working on other projects. Currently, she is starring in the web drama “29 Gram” with Gu Jae-yi and her real-life brother Cheon Seong-moon. Additionally, she launched a bit-sized reality show “I Am Jyo-Unnie,” which is available on V Live.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo is preparing for the release of her most recent film “Wind Wind Wind.”


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Lee Honey Steps Down From ‘Get It Beauty’ Host, New Face Revealed

Lee Honey is stepping down from the main host position of Onstyle’s ‘Get It Beauty 2017’.

Lee Honey is stepping down from the main host position of Onstyle’s ‘Get It Beauty’.

On the 20th, Lee’s agency Saram Entertainment announced that “Lee Honey has decided to step down from the Onstyle beauty show ‘Get It Beauty’. She has been the main host for 3 years since 2015.”

Since 2015, Lee has been leading the beauty show. However, she will step down from the show. In addition, Lee Honey will donate her income from the show for a women’s organization.

At the same time, the new main host of the show has been revealed. It is top model Jang Yoon-ju.

Jang will lead the new ‘Get It Beauty 2018’ as the main host. The new season will start airing next year.

Jang Yoon-ju debuted back in 1997 through the SFAA Collegion Jin Tae-ok’s fashion show. Since her debut, she has been one of the top models in Korea. In addition to her modeling career, Jang also has been working as a singer and an entertainer. Therefore, it is anticipated how she will perform as a ‘beauty mentor’ on the new show.

‘Get It Beauty’ was first started in 2006 and the show has been gaining constant viewers for its beauty contents including food, exercise, life, makeup, fashion, and more.

The first host was Gong Hyun-joo, then former S.E.S member Yoojin continued the position from 2010 to 2013. After Yoojin, actress Yoo In-na hosted ‘Get It Beatuy 2014’, followed by Lee Honey.



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