Earlier this year the Korean cosmetics brand Holika Holika launched one of the deepest foundation shades sold in South Korea. As a result, although the line only has six colors for customers to chose from, it is one of the most inclusive lines sold domestically.

At the beginning of September, Holika Holika added shade 6 Jella, to its Hard Cover Glow foundation line. As the name of the shade suggests, the cosmetic’s brand collaborated with Korean Youtube star Jella to create shade 6.

Her new shade for Holika Holika, Jella mentions in a video that she went through several modifications before setting on the warm brown hue. According to the Youtuber, she wanted a deep shade that would not make the wearer look washed out due to a cool undertone. As such, she based her color on Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Tahoe but aimed for a shade that was a tad bit lighter.

As someone who prefers to tan, the Jella previously use products for meant for contouring or mixing like VLD’s Expert Blending Shade or using imported foreign brands like MAC or Nars, to find a matching shade.

The reason for this is because South Korean makeup brands release very limited foundation shades. One brand, Clio, as a popular Kill Cover Foundation that comes in four different colors: lingerie, linen, ginger, and sand for color. Like Clio, the majority of brands in South Korea have a lackluster selection of medium (or deep) shades — if they make them at all.


While this makes sense in what is generally considered a homogenous society and population, look wise, to match. However, this is definitely not the reality. The fact remains that although a limited shade range does suit a large percentage of the population, it does not match everyone. Those with deeper skin, like Jella, are left on the fringe of the domestic beauty market. As a result, the Youtuber has expressed a need for further development.

With the addition of this new shade, Holika Holika has become one if not the only beauty brands to sell such a deep tone within South Korea at an affordable price. There are other companies like Innisfree that also has deep tones, but those are only available in the U.S.  Hopefully, with the successful launch of this new product, other beauty brands will also follow suit.



By O.C