K-beauty skincare is not just for the face and neck.

When people think about Korean skincare, fantastic and innovative products for the face come to mind. However, people have skin all over their body (shocking!) and K-beauty brands have created products to address some of the ailments of the body with beauty products for below-the-neck.

Interestingly, many of the products are geared toward softening, cleansing, brightening, and skin tone adjustment. As a forewarning, these are products created with the Korean beauty standard in mind, so they may not be ideal for everyone.


Soft, Smooth, and Symmetrical


Callus Care Elbow Patch


Everyone strives for smooth and soft elbows, right? Koelf’s Callus Care Elbow Patch is the dream product for baby-soft elbows. It contains urea and papaya enzymes that dissolve callused skin while moisturizing. Slap the patch onto the troubled area for about an hour then remove and wash.


Milky Piggy Elastic Bust Cream


Keep everything where they should be with Elizaecca’s Super Elastic Bust Cream. As the name implies, this beauty product can “give elasticity” to your bust area. Just apply once in the morning and evening using a counterclockwise motion. Massage for at least 5-minutes each session to get the best results.


So Hot Body Skinny Patch


Similar to those belly slimming patches that pop up on Instagram, A’Pieu’s So Hot Body Skinny Patch is placed on pudgy problem areas. When applied, it creates a heating sensation that firms that body and destroys fat…? Maybe. None of this is proven so at the very least it’s a portable heat patch. ?


Hot Burning Perfect Body Gel


This is like an upgraded version of the patch, one that you can slather all over your body and watch all that excess you disappear. According to Missha’s website, the Hot Burning Perfect Body Gel creates “firm, tight skin and perfect body line.” Notably, the product has seaweed and bitter orange extract that helps to restore elasticity to the skin.


Skin Smoothing Body Peeling Mist


Welcome to the future where body scrubs are so yesterday. Nature Republic’s Smoothing Body Peeling Mist can be described as a spray-on chemical exfoliant. Spray generously on the desired body part and rub until dead skin begins to fall off. Moreover, this product contains peach, cotton, and phytoncide extract that helps to smooth skin.


You Do Pink


Tosowoong’s You Do Pink is a nipple cream that can help you get rosy mountain peaks. Not only is it a temporary dye, but it also helps to reduce wrinkles! Apply and let dry for around three minutes and wipe off with a wet towel.


Secret Body Solution Whitening Essence


Innocently marketed as a whitening product for elbows, knees, underarms and the bikini area, It’s Skin’s Secret Body Solution Whitening Essence is contains a flower complex and collagen for moisturizing and “tightening.” Basically, this can be used beyond the bikini area as a kind of vaginal rejuvenation.


One Step Special Zone Brightening Pad


This is like the patch, but instead of smoothing Forest N’s One Step Special Zone Brightening Pad brightens with 10,000ppm of pearl extract. Additionally, it also has glacial milk with soothes irritated skin caused by sweat and dead skin. This can be used in the same places as the It’s Skin product.


Lingerie on the Virgin Herb-Fore + Tea Tree Feminine Mist


Consider these two products “panty potpourri” to keep your most intimate area smelling fresh and unoffensive all day. The Lingerie on the Virgin Herb-Fore is an essential oil dropper used on the underwear or menstruation pad, but not on the skin! Likewise, the Tea Tree Feminine Mist is a refresher that can be used throughout the day. Tea tree has natural anti-fungal and bacterial properties.


Hole Cleaner


Finally, we enter the holes…the belly button and the ear holes that is. Unlike the provocative name, this product is used to remove dead cells and dust from the areas mentioned above.


Secret Care Inner Bubble Cleanser


Now the actual hole cleaner. A’pieu’s Secret Care Inner Bubble Cleanser is a foam wash that helps to balance the pH levels and freshens the vagina.


Innergarm Disposable Feminine Multi-care essence


Some have referred to Wettrust’s Innergram Disposable Multicare Essence Gel as a lubricant for intercourse. And in some ways it, with viscosity and texture that is similar to a woman’s natural sexual secretion. However, with this product being an essence it is really supposed to be used to maintain a vagina’s internal environment. It is a water-soluble gel with sodium hyaluronate for an ultra-hydrating effect. Further, it also has other ingredients that assist in skin repair and reduces irritation and itchiness.



By O.C