Halloween is just around the corner! You have your cute costume and everything, but maybe not exactly sure about makeup. Here are 5 Korean Halloween makeup tutorials that are not extreme at all, so you canĀ actually look pretty while looking scary at the same time.

1. Im Bora


By now, most of you must know that she is famous for being rapper Swing’s girlfriend. But you know what? The 23-year-old model has unbelievable makeup skills. Just watch the video, her Halloween makeup will give you chills (Wait till the end for Girl’s Day’s Sojin and Hyeri’s reactions).

2. Cho Hyojin


First of all, those tattoos of beauty YouTuber Hyojin are fake! After completing her ‘girl crush’ Halloween look, you might as well want to try those fake tattoos to add more uniqueness!

3. Heizle


Is that a doll am I seeing in the thumbnail? Heizle, who recently gained a lot of attention with her cover makeup of BLACKPINK’s Jennie, will guide you to complete a cold, spooky makeup look.

4. Leesu


Do you wanna go actually even more spooky? Then try Leesu’s ‘dark vampire makeup’ tutorial. Don’t forget to finish your look with your costume!

5. Risabae


This tutorial is not exactly a “Halloween” makeup look, but what can I say. You can never go wrong with Risabae, who has almost 2 million followers! Follow this “fall street style makeup” tutorial to look sharp and clean, but still good enough for Halloween.


by Audrey Joung