Actress and “Running Man” star Song Ji-Hyo is set to get her own program.

Song Ji-hyo
Song Ji-hyo attends a press conference for her new movie “Wind Wind Wind” on March 6 in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul – OSEN News

On Style is planning to release a new program called “Song Ji-Hyo’s Beautiful Life.” More, the program will cover all aspects of beauty and lifestyle. Further, the program is set to start broadcasting on April 5.

On Style describes it as a reality TV show that breaks out of the limitations of a studio with “real spot” beauty and lifestyle. The “real spot” label come from the structure of the show, which will ask from viewer and audience participation.

Cast members will have a mission where they have to sell their products on site to the audience. Then, the audience gradually comes to a consensus about the product. Moreover, cast members will try to create their own limited edition items for fans. The producers expected this interaction to make for an exciting and entertaining experience. Additionally, this also sets the show apart by not just having a one-way delivery of information.

The actress is also an acknowledged beauty icon in South Korea and internationally. Recently Song was voted as the “K-Beauty Muse,” representing Korea at the Get It Beauty festival. The festival takes place from Mar. 9-11. There, Song will have a panel where she will share her beauty know-how and other tips.

When asked about the show, the actress said, ” I am happy to be the MC of ‘Beautiful Life because I’ve always been interested in inner and healthy beauty.’ More, ” Being able to directly communicate with people is refreshing.” Furthermore, Song intends to make the program inclusive. “I want to it so that it will be fun for everyone, and beauty beginners globally can enjoy it equally.”

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