Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment Begin Legal Battle Over His Contract

Kang Daniel, a former member of the group Wanna One, will start a legal battle with his agency LM Entertainment.

Kand Daniel – OSEN News database

Former Wanna One member Kang Daniel and his agency LM Entertainment failed to reach an agreement and entered into a legal battle. “We filed an injunction with the Seoul Central District Court against LM Entertainment to suspend [Kang’s] contract,” said Kang Daniel’s legal representative on Thursday.

According to Kang side, LM Entertainment signed a joint business contract to transfer various rights of the exclusive contract to a third party for compensation without Kang’s consent. The injunction request, consequently, is in response to the company’s actions, which Kang says is a violation of his exclusive contract.

Sending a message to his fans, Kang said “I’m very sorry to the fans who are so concerned that the situation is going to be a legal dispute,” and “I hope this will be over as soon as possible.” Moreover, he asks fans to “trust him” and wait just a bit longer for his return.

The lead up to the legal battle began earlier this month when reports emerged that Kang has sent the agency a statement asking to be released from his contract. While LM Entertainment initially denied that Kang was leaving the company, it has become clear that leaving was the singer’s intention.

Unfortunately, the dispute with LM Entertainment has put a red light on Kang’s solo debut that was supposed to take place next month.




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YG Entertainment Severs Ties With Seungri and Terminated His Contract

YG Entertainment ends of its exclusive contract with Seungri.

Seungri speaks to the press before entering the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s station for questioning on Feb. 27 – OSEN News

On Wednesday, YG Entertainment (YG) announced in an official press release that it has decided to terminate the exclusive contract with Seungri, real name Lee Seung-hyun. It was a process initiated by Lee the day before.

“After Seungri announced his retirement [from the entertainment industry] on the 12th, YG accept his request and terminated his exclusive contract with us,” the statement reads.

Moreover, following this news, the agency acknowledged that it does not manage its artist to the best of its ability. As a result, it plans to work with employees and executives to create a better company.

The following is the full text of the press release.

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

Starting with the [Burning Sun] club incident in which Seungri was involved, and the following series of controversies, we would like to extend our deepest apology to fans an those who were affected or involved.

After Seungri announced his retirement [from the entertainment industry] on the 12th, we accepted his request and terminated his exclusive contract.

As an artist management company, we recognize that we have not thoroughly managed our artists and are deeply reflecting on this.

Lastly, we are aware that we are in need of significant improvements and we promise to work with our executives and employees to determine the best way to do so.




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Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association Responds to Dispute Between Kang Daniel and Agency

The Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association has expressed its position on the conflict between Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment.

Image source – OSEN News database

On Thursday, the Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association (KEPA), which oversees recordings, performances, and management in the entertainment and music industries, issued a statement regarding the disagreement between singer Kang Daniel and his agency LM Entertainment. “We have an official position because there are a series of misleading reports about the dispute,” the association said.

According to its policies, it will not “intervene prematurely” in situations between artists and their agencies. With that said, the association said it “can help the two parties reach an agreement smoothly” if they make a formal request. Even so, it believes it is best to see if the two parties can resolve their differences under the current circumstances.

The association did express concern that their disagreement will proceed as a lawsuit but reiterated its position to mediate in order for them to find an agreement. Its response comes after a media outlet said that it had begun to move in to settle the issue.

This all goes back to earlier reports that Kang wanted to leave LM Entertainment, which he reportedly made clear in a statement. In response, the agency said that it was a communication issue and they will work with the singer to find a solution.

Kang later took to his official fan cafe where he said he was “deeply embarrassed when many unfounded malicious speculative articles were reported” and felt bad for his fans. To absolve some of the concerns that the fans may have, Kang said he encouraged himself to open a new social media account. His reasoning is because “there are so many worries and waiting for fans who will be hurt by stories that are not true.”

True to his word, he opened a new Instagram account which got 30,000 followers in 30 minutes.

Image source – Instagram

However, the conflict between himself and his agency seems to be lingering. The singer hired legal representative Sun Jong-moon. In particular, Sun has extensive experience in dealing with disputes in the entertainment industry. Previously, the lawyer was involved in boy group MADTOWN‘s case in their fight to leave their agency.

In response to media inquiry, Sun said that he is reviewing the situation.



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M.O.L. Entertainment Officially Disbands CocoSoRi Amid Legal Disbute With Member

Amid a legal dispute with CoCoSoRi member Coco, M.O.L. Entertainment says the group will not go on.

Image source – OSEN News database

On Wednesday, CoCoSoRi’s agency M.O.L. Entertainment took to social media to announced some unfortunate news. According to their post, the duo will not be making another comeback, at least not with the same members nor any time soon, at best.

As a result, the group is considered virtually disbanded. The crux of the issue lies with member Coco, who complained that the company did not support her activities not artistic growth. The tension between the artist and the company created a series of internal issues including a lengthy response from the agency and now legal action.

“As we are currently in the legal process of terminating our contract with Coco, we will not be able to work as CoCoSoRi in the future,” it wrote. “We are deeply saddened by this news and to the fans. Thank you for supporting CoCoSoRi for three years.”

The group, which consists of CoCo and SoRi debuted in 2016 but failed to garner much attention. However, they did gain a bit of relevance after showed off their skills on JTBC’s “MIX NINE” last year. Using that momentum the duo had a comeback with SoRi also expanding into solo activities.





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LM Entertainment Responds to Report That Kang Daniel Is Leaving the Agency

LM Entertainment said it is discussing a solution with Kang Daniel after news emerged that the singer is preparing to make a comeback with a new partner backed by an investor introduced by Seungri.

Image source – OSEN News database

On Sunday, a media outlet reported that Kang Daniel is preparing to leave LM Entertainment and work alone as a one-person agency. Further, according to the report, Kang sent a statement to his agency to cancel the contract they have together.

Apparently, Kang’s desire to leave LM Entertainment comes after the singer met with a businessman that BIGBANG’s Seungri introduced him to last year. This businessman is said to have investors in place that are ready to back the singer’s career.

Responding to the news report, LM Entertainment said that it was a part of a misunderstanding between the company and Kang. “The statement that Kang Daniel sent is not about the termination of his contract. There is a misunderstanding between the company and the artist,” it said. Additionally, the company said they will move to communicate with each other and come to an agreement actively.

Kang became very popular after he competed in the second season of “Produce 101” and became a member of Wanna One. in 2017. After the group disbanded earlier this year, he left his previous agency MMO Entertainment with Yoon Ji-sung — another member — to join LM Entertainment. At that time, the agency promised to establish a team dedicated to Kang and Yoon to provide intensive support.

In particular, with Kang’s solo debut announced to take place next month, the issue of his agency has become more interesting. Recently, the singer had no activities besides an appearance on “Coffee Friends” and have not been active on social media since early last month. At this point, people are focusing on whether he will be able to resolve the conflict with his agency and make a successful solo debut.



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New ‘Produce x 101’ Looks to Establish Longer Contract Period for Winners

The new “Produce x 101” introduced by Mnet looks to make a change to the length that the winners and the group they form are under contract.

Image source – Mnet

Mnet revealed that it plans to institute a five-year contract for the winners and the group they form in the latest rendition of the produced series, “Produce x 101.”

According to the network, the group will have a two and a half years in a full-time contract and a two and half year period where they will be working together and on individual activities. This season will create a girl group, while the following second season will be for boys.

The change in the contract feature will make it the longest working period out of all of the “Produce 101” seasons. Mnet believes that this extended period will provide more time to create content for fans and to develop the winner’s careers.

Besides the contract, another difference from past seasons is the expansion of individual trainees. Mnet has only opened the recruitment window for individual trainees at this time. While group members should be allowed to try out for the show later, it is anticipated that they will be focusing on trainees who don’t have to worry about group obligations in the future.

“Produce x 101” will air during the first half of 2019.





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Child Actress Kim Shi-A Signs Contract with Mystic Entertainment

“Miss Baek” actress Kim Shi-A takes the next step in her career by signing an exclusive contract.

Image source – Mystic Entertainment

On January 16, Mystic Entertainment announced that child actress Kim Shi-A signed an exclusive contract with the agency.

A representative from the company said that Kim’s passion for acting is so deep that her age is not a factor in her potential. As a result, they plan to give support her as she pursues acting and other opportunities. “We will give Kim, who has outstanding talent and potential outside of acting, wings through unsparing support,” said the representative.

Last year, Kim made her debut in the drama “Miss Baek” as an abused child who connects with an ex-convict. She earned praise for her mature acting and was called a child genius amid enthusiastic reviews and critical response. This year, Kim is busy working on her new projects “My House,” and “Closet,” which stars Kim Nam-gil and Ha Jung-woo



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‘A-Teen’ Actor Ryu Eui-Hyun Signs Exclusive With Kokun Management

Former child actor Ryu Eui-hyun has signed Kokun Management and joined AOA Hyejeong in a new drama.

Image source – Kokun Management

Kokun Management confirmed that they had reached an agreement with former child actor Ryu Eui-hyun. “We signed an exclusive contract with Ryu, who combined star power and acting,” the agency said. Further, a representative of the company said that fans can look forward to seeing the actor expand into different fields and be more active.

In other news, Ryu accepted a casting offer to be a lead in an upcoming web drama. The new show, “Is Lovesickness Returnable?” (working title), stars AOA Hyejeong as the main female character who is the foul-mouthed star of a mukbang show. Conversely, Ryu is a TV operator who lacks ambition. The show is scheduled to air in mid-January through different major telecommunication companies’ web platforms and Naver TV.

Ryu recently made a name for himself in the well-liked coming of age web drama “A-Teen,” which deals with the lives and relationships of teenagers. Before staring in the show, he made his debut in a supporting role in the movie Where is Ronny in 2009. Since then, he has acted in a hand full of dramas and other films including “The Queens Classroom” in 2013.



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ZICO to Depart From Block B, Rest of 6 Members Complete Contract Renewal

Block B is officially a 6-member group, with ZICO’s departure after 7 years.

On November 23, Seven Seasons Entertainment reported, “our agency and ZICO have come to a final agreement that we will end our exclusive contract of 5 years.”

The agency continued, “the rest of Block B members agreed to renew our contract and have completed the process. However, the military enlistment date for each member is fast approaching and there will be a few difference in those dates. Therefore, we concluded that the members will focus on unit and individual activities for a while.”

The following is the official statement of Seven Season:

Hello, this is Seven Seasons. The company and ZICO have come to a final agreement that we would end our exclusive contract of 5 years.

The rest of Block B members agreed to renew our contract and have completed the process. However, the military enlistment date for each member is fast approaching and there will be a few difference in those dates. Therefore, we concluded that the members will focus on unit and individual activities for a while.

Regarding the future activities of Block B, we are reviewing and discussing all possibilities from different angles with the members.

We wish the best of luck on ZICO with his new start and thank him for all he has done as the leader and producer of Blcok B. Moreover, we will continue to send warm blessings to his success.

Thank you.

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Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn Part Ways After Both Agree to Void His Contract

Cube Entertainment and Pentagon E’Dawn have agreed to terminate their the exclusive contract they had together.

Image source – Instagram

On Wednesday, Cube Entertainment released an official press release announcing that it and singer E’Dawn from Pentagon agreed to terminate his exclusive contract with the company. Ending the announcement, the company thanked him and his fans for being with Cube Entertainment until now.

This announcement comes after E’Dawn and Hyuna revealed they have been in a relationship for up to two years in August. Since then, Cube Entertainment halted their activities and had flipped-flopped on outing the two. Last month, Hyuna parted ways with Cube Entertainment and has not yet announced any information about her current plans.

Likewise, in the short press release, Cube Entertainment failed to clarify how E’Dawn departure will affect Pentagon. He has played a huge part in established the group’s sound and, or was, their leader.



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