Amid a legal dispute with CoCoSoRi member Coco, M.O.L. Entertainment says the group will not go on.

Image source – OSEN News database

On Wednesday, CoCoSoRi’s agency M.O.L. Entertainment took to social media to announced some unfortunate news. According to their post, the duo will not be making another comeback, at least not with the same members nor any time soon, at best.

As a result, the group is considered virtually disbanded. The crux of the issue lies with member Coco, who complained that the company did not support her activities not artistic growth. The tension between the artist and the company created a series of internal issues including a lengthy response from the agency and now legal action.

“As we are currently in the legal process of terminating our contract with Coco, we will not be able to work as CoCoSoRi in the future,” it wrote. “We are deeply saddened by this news and to the fans. Thank you for supporting CoCoSoRi for three years.”

The group, which consists of CoCo and SoRi debuted in 2016 but failed to garner much attention. However, they did gain a bit of relevance after showed off their skills on JTBC’s “MIX NINE” last year. Using that momentum the duo had a comeback with SoRi also expanding into solo activities.





By O.C