Cube Entertainment and Pentagon E’Dawn have agreed to terminate their the exclusive contract they had together.

Image source – Instagram

On Wednesday, Cube Entertainment released an official press release announcing that it and singer E’Dawn from Pentagon agreed to terminate his exclusive contract with the company. Ending the announcement, the company thanked him and his fans for being with Cube Entertainment until now.

This announcement comes after E’Dawn and Hyuna revealed they have been in a relationship for up to two years in August. Since then, Cube Entertainment halted their activities and had flipped-flopped on outing the two. Last month, Hyuna parted ways with Cube Entertainment and has not yet announced any information about her current plans.

Likewise, in the short press release, Cube Entertainment failed to clarify how E’Dawn departure will affect Pentagon. He has played a huge part in established the group’s sound and, or was, their leader.



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