The Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association has expressed its position on the conflict between Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment.

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On Thursday, the Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association (KEPA), which oversees recordings, performances, and management in the entertainment and music industries, issued a statement regarding the disagreement between singer Kang Daniel and his agency LM Entertainment. “We have an official position because there are a series of misleading reports about the dispute,” the association said.

According to its policies, it will not “intervene prematurely” in situations between artists and their agencies. With that said, the association said it “can help the two parties reach an agreement smoothly” if they make a formal request. Even so, it believes it is best to see if the two parties can resolve their differences under the current circumstances.

The association did express concern that their disagreement will proceed as a lawsuit but reiterated its position to mediate in order for them to find an agreement. Its response comes after a media outlet said that it had begun to move in to settle the issue.

This all goes back to earlier reports that Kang wanted to leave LM Entertainment, which he reportedly made clear in a statement. In response, the agency said that it was a communication issue and they will work with the singer to find a solution.

Kang later took to his official fan cafe where he said he was “deeply embarrassed when many unfounded malicious speculative articles were reported” and felt bad for his fans. To absolve some of the concerns that the fans may have, Kang said he encouraged himself to open a new social media account. His reasoning is because “there are so many worries and waiting for fans who will be hurt by stories that are not true.”

True to his word, he opened a new Instagram account which got 30,000 followers in 30 minutes.

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However, the conflict between himself and his agency seems to be lingering. The singer hired legal representative Sun Jong-moon. In particular, Sun has extensive experience in dealing with disputes in the entertainment industry. Previously, the lawyer was involved in boy group MADTOWN‘s case in their fight to leave their agency.

In response to media inquiry, Sun said that he is reviewing the situation.



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