LM Entertainment said it is discussing a solution with Kang Daniel after news emerged that the singer is preparing to make a comeback with a new partner backed by an investor introduced by Seungri.

Image source – OSEN News database

On Sunday, a media outlet reported that Kang Daniel is preparing to leave LM Entertainment and work alone as a one-person agency. Further, according to the report, Kang sent a statement to his agency to cancel the contract they have together.

Apparently, Kang’s desire to leave LM Entertainment comes after the singer met with a businessman that BIGBANG’s Seungri introduced him to last year. This businessman is said to have investors in place that are ready to back the singer’s career.

Responding to the news report, LM Entertainment said that it was a part of a misunderstanding between the company and Kang. “The statement that Kang Daniel sent is not about the termination of his contract. There is a misunderstanding between the company and the artist,” it said. Additionally, the company said they will move to communicate¬†with each other and come to an agreement¬†actively.

Kang became very popular after he competed in the second season of “Produce 101” and became a member of Wanna One. in 2017. After the group disbanded earlier this year, he left his previous agency MMO Entertainment with Yoon Ji-sung — another member — to join LM Entertainment. At that time, the agency promised to establish a team dedicated to Kang and Yoon to provide intensive support.

In particular, with Kang’s solo debut announced to take place next month, the issue of his agency has become more interesting. Recently, the singer had no activities besides an appearance on “Coffee Friends” and have not been active on social media since early last month. At this point, people are focusing on whether he will be able to resolve the conflict with his agency and make a successful solo debut.



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