The new “Produce x 101” introduced by Mnet looks to make a change to the length that the winners and the group they form are under contract.

Image source – Mnet

Mnet revealed that it plans to institute a five-year contract for the winners and the group they form in the latest rendition of the produced series, “Produce x 101.”

According to the network, the group will have a two and a half years in a full-time contract and a two and half year period where they will be working together and on individual activities. This season will create a girl group, while the following second season will be for boys.

The change in the contract feature will make it the longest working period out of all of the “Produce 101” seasons. Mnet believes that this extended period will provide more time to create content for fans and to develop the winner’s careers.

Besides the contract, another difference from past seasons is the expansion of individual trainees. Mnet has only opened the recruitment window for individual trainees at this time. While group members should be allowed to try out for the show later, it is anticipated that they will be focusing on trainees who don’t have to worry about group obligations in the future.

“Produce x 101” will air during the first half of 2019.





By O.C