Artists BoA, Amber Liu, and Chungha, entertainer Park Na-rae, and professional golfer Park Sung-hyun participated in Nike Women’s latest campaign.

Nike Korea

On January 31, Nike launched 2019 Women’s Just Do It campaign to support ambitious women who believe in their possibilities and to encourage women to choose self-driven lives.

As a part of the campaign this year, Nike introduced women in various fields who aspire to find the true value and energy against social stereotypes.

In addition to Amber Liu, who has established her own style free from the popular standards, multi-talented entertainer Park Na-rae, courageous vocalist Chungha, and professional golfer Park Sung-hyun are featured in the campaign video titled, “Believe in the Greatness Called You.”

In addition, BoA also participated as a narrator, conveying the message of infinite possibilities for women who believe in themselves.

“I tried so hard for such a long time to fit into the popular standards,” said Amber. “But I found myself going further from my fundamental self, which frustrated me.”

She continued, “I made myself stronger through sports and endeavored to find my true self. Now I love and respect as the way I am.”

Launched by unveiling the campaign video, 2019 Nike Women’s Just Do It will be followed by various events that encourage women to express themselves through sports.


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