Top Models Han Hye Jin & Song Kyung Ah dish on hardships being international models.


Models Han Hye Jin (MBC ‘I Live Alone’) and Song Kyung Ah are widely known to be besties. On Jan 2 on MBC FM4U, these two shared the pains of being a model like maintaining their weight at 49 kg, which is approximately 108 lbs! Keeping in mind Model Han Hye Jin is 5 ft 9.5 inches and Song Kyung Ah is 5 ft 11 inches, it isn’t hard to imagine the suffering these two beautiful ladies experience for their profession.

Contrary to expectations, the two models shared how they love to eat. At their lowest weight of 48 kg (~105lbs) in their modelling careers, both recalled the experience of looking like a skeleton. Model Song Kyung Ah stated she lost weight regardless of her calorie intake due to intense stress during that period and how she can not imagine going back to her previous weight.

Due to her love for carbs she got her nickname “carb fairy.” In order to maintain her figure Model Song focuses on stretching and Pilates while eating mostly fruits and limiting her carb intake.

Aside from dieting, Model Song Kyung Ah shared how she previously wore heels in daily life just in case she might get scouted on the streets. She signed with her first modeling agency in order to fix her habit of slouching at her mother’s recommendation. Thanks to that decision she has become a household name today.

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By Sara N