High Cut Magazine released new photos of singer Jessica, which will be officially printed on December 20th.

During the interview after the photoshoot, Jessica answered to the question “why she chose a carol song ‘One More Christmas’ for her comeback song”. Jessica answered, “Christmas is the most glamorous holiday of the year and everyone looks forward to it. For me, when I think of the carol songs I used to listen with my family when I was a child, they always bring me back to those times. I feel like I can still smell the scents and feel the atmosphere at that time. I hope this song can become such gift to my fans, as well.”

 Jessica’s Christmas carol song ‘One More Christmas’ will be released on December 14th.

To the question whether she regrets going into fashion, Jessica said, “I usually don’t regret much about things in general, so no. Also it was such a long-time dream and goal of mine. I met the right team at the right moment, and I have been working very happily. It is also very interesting how my dream is becoming reality step by step. I’d like to enjoy slowly instead of trying to achieve something in a short period of time.”

Jessica also mentioned that her sister Krystal is a big energy for her. Krystal has once also picked Jessica as her mentor. Jessica said, “Krystal is also a mentor for me in many ways. We get inspired from each other in everything, and support each other.”

Original article
by Audrey Joung