Actress Kim Hye-soo helped launch an eco-friendly challenge with SBS’ social media platform, Videomug.


While South Korea is putting effort to reduce the plastic pollution by regulating the use of plastic cups at coffee shops, Kim Hye-soo has joined an environmental campaign.

In the first episode of “No Plastic Challenge,” which was released on September 25 through Videomug and SBS 8 News, the actress shared how she is contributing to save the environment.

“One day after shooting, I noticed that the trashcan in my dressing room was filled with plastic bottles and cups me and my staffs disposed for the day,” said Kim Hye-soo. “Since then, we’ve been carrying tumblers. When we have to use plastic cups, we re-use the cups so that we can limit the usage to one cup a day.”

For the celebrities to continue the challenge, Kim Hye-soo named actors Jung Woo-sung and Han Ji-min. “I’m aware of their interests in social issues like this,” Kim added.


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