BTS Confirmed for an April Comeback With New Album

Big Hit Entertainment has confirmed that BTS will release a new album next month with Seoul playing an integral part in its concept.

Image source – OSEN News database

According to Big Hit Entertainment, BTS is scheduled to return on April 12 with a completely new album in a surprise comeback. The album titled MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA is the first from the group in about eight months.

During the second half of 2018, the group released the last installment in their Love Yourself trilogy with LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer’ in August. The capstone to the trilogy saw BTS making impressive gains on Billboard’s album chart and streaming giant Spotify. Notably, it became the first Korean pop group to enter the top ten in Billboards Hot 100 chart with Fake Love, the title track from LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear.’

Starting in May the group will embark on a world tour with stops in Sao Paulo, London, Paris, Osaka, and more in addition to several in the U.S.




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BTS’s World Tour Adds Extra Day in Chicago

BTS’s popularity is as high as the sky!


Kpop’s biggest boy group BTS, scheduled for a world tour ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ in May, added an another day in Chicago during one of their stops in the US. Initially BTS planned to perform only on May 11 but decided to stay an another day to perform on May 12 as well.

Ticketing for the additional day will begin on March 8 at 4 pm! Good luck ARMYs!


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Ready for BTS’s Brother Group, Tomorrow x Together (TXT) Debut on 3/4?

Big Hit Entertainment’s new boy group in 6 years, aka BTS’s brother group, Tomorrow x Together (TXT) are ready to enter the Kpop scene!


BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment is ready to debut their new Kpop boy group in 6 years Tomorrow x Together (TXT) on March 4 through Mnet’s Debut Celebration Show

According to OSEN, TXT has an advantage from the start of their Kpop career thanks to BTS’s global popularity and recognition as world stars. In addition, Big Hit Entertainment’s global reputation and resources will add to TXT’s advantage over other new idol groups.

OSEN speculates that while there are advantages, TXT also has more pressure to meet the expectations everyone has as BTS’s brother group. What do you think of Big Hit’s TXT?


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[OPINION] 2019 Kpop Outlook in the USA

As unbelievable as it may be, the 2010s will soon be over in just 10 short months! Kpop has had exponential growth in the last few years, which will also determine Kpop’s future for the following decade!

The hallyu wave aka Kpop wave has definitely become more globalized within the last couple years. There is no doubt that in 2019 there will be more Kpop fans as more Kpop idols (BTS, Monsta X, NCT, Oh My Girl, Red Velvet, Blackpink, Sunmi etc.) continue to promote abroad. Especially in the US, thanks mostly to BTS’s success paving the way for Kpop growth this year.

Hollywood is the Kpop market for this year

Based on previous patterns of Kpop idol groups like Wonder Girls, Girl’s Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ etc. many Kpop idols usually extend their fan base to other countries in Asia before pursuing Europe & the Americas. Kpop’s growth in other countries are indeed significant, but given US is home to global names like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Ed Sherman, Chris Brown, Drake, Justin Timberlake etc. (as well as Kpoplove’s headquarters) Kpop’s future global outlook will focus on the US market for this article.

Kpop before BTS

BTS on American Music Awards (2017)

Just 5 to 10 years ago, prior to BTS’s historical invasion in the US, Kpop was just a new and upcoming genre in the US that originated from a small country in Asia. As a decades old Kpop fan, I can personally attest to instances in the past where people confused North and South Korea and probably couldn’t name any Kpop artist even if their life depended on it.

Other idols’ success in the US

However, this does not mean Kpop has never made its mark in the US. Examining only the idol groups who are no longer “active” meaning either disbanded or no longer actively promoting with all members, idol groups like Wonder Girls and Girl’s Generation have previously tried to break into the US market without as much success as BTS.

JYP’s Wonder Girls (2007-2017) released a single- ‘Nobody’ (2009)- that was No.76 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as the 1st Kpop group on the Billboard charts. This provided the opening for the group to enter the US market and pursue international activities. Wonder Girls can be considered to have been at the peak of their career in Korea (and Asia) prior to moving to the US in 2009 to focus on US activities. However contrary to expectations, Wonder Girls was unable to continue their momentum and ended up with changing the line-up and regroup back in Korea.

Wonder Girls on Wendy Williams Show (2009)

SM’s Girl’s Generation (2007-present) released a single-’The Boys’ (2012)-officially debuting and promoting in the US a few years after Wonder Girls. Comparing various aspects like promotions, fanbase, hallyu wave’s influence and method, there are so many differences that can explain the different levels of success between the 2 girl groups.

Girl’s Generation on Late Show with David Letterman (2012)

Taking a closer look at how BTS did not need to promote in the US to have the biggest US debut stage of all in 2017 as the 1st Korean group to perform at AMAs, BTS clearly did something that sets them apart from others. Not to mention BTS performed in Korean while Wonder Girls and Girl’s Generation performed in English. Based on BTS’s sucess, BTS’s momentum can only be expected to grow further this year.

BTS’s significant role for Kpop mainstreamed in US

In 2019, there are very few individuals who wouldn’t know what the 3 letters “BTS” refers to in the US. Even if one is completely clueless about Kpop, there is a big chance someone’s family, friend or acquaintance is a BTS fan or BTS ARMY.

Ilgan Sports

Similar to BTS’s predecessors (e.g. legendary Kpop idol groups Girls Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ), BTS became mainstream in Asia a few years ago and became more globally recognized as they made their mark on the Billboard charts in 2015. But unlike other Kpop groups, BTS didn’t make any special plans to promote in the US market soon after their first placement on the Billboard charts. Instead BTS continued to release more content and focused on their music letting time to gradually increase their popularity all over the world.

Why is BTS different?

BTS contributed to further spreading the hallyu wave rather than having to focus on establishing the Kpop wave. Currently in 2019, nearly everyone has a smartphone as opposed to 10 years ago. Internet is easily accessible to many age groups enabling the daily use of social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc. This has allowed Kpop idols, especially BTS, to focus on interacting with fans and growing their fanbase. BTS members are well known for being very active participants as singers-songwriters within the Kpop industry and renowned for sharing many of their content on SoundCloud or V Live which played a significant role for BTS’s success today.

BTS’s timing may have been what led to BTS’s breakthrough to becoming the biggest Kpop group in the world. Rather than jumping on the first signs of opportunity to pursue international activities, BTS bided their time to focus on their work and to further nurture their talents while waiting for their hard work to come to fruition.

As a result, BTS was able to become a household name is the US even prior to their official debut on the American Music Awards in 2017. Afterwards, BTS continued to set more records on the AMAsBillboards, Youtube, iTunes, Ebay Korea, Forbes, Time Magazine, Bloomberg etc. in 2018.

The 7 membered boy group became recognized for their global popularity when selected by international corporations like Puma, LG Electronics, Hyundai Motors etc. as global ambassadors and made significant collaborations with Mattel, Medicome Toy, Netmarble Games, Line Webtoons, Line Friends x BT21 and more!

BTS World Tour & BT21

When BTS had their 3rd world tour last summer, Line Friends x  BT21 also officially opened their pop-up store in LA situated amongst Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. As someone who has accompanied various people to this store in August, September, October and December of last year, I can personally affirm the lines were unbelievably long not only when the pop-up store first opened but also for the following months. Amazingly, the lines did not really decrease much every time I had to go.

Most of my experience at this store consisted of standing in line for hours while conversing with other people accompanying their niece or cousin to the store. As to why the lines didn’t decrease much even after BTS finished touring in the US would be since BT21 items were often sold out with limited quantities, unpredictable shipments of new items, new seasonal (Halloween, Christmas) items and such.

Initially the Line Friends store was announced to stay for 3 months. Later, due to high demand, the pop-up was extended to January 2019 with plans to locate permanently. Just the fact that BT21 became popular enough to become a permanent store in LA speaks volumes about BTS’s success in the US. Aside from BT21, BTS is renowned for increasing sales for many associated businesses leading to the birth of the term “BTS effect” from major news outlets as many profit from BTS’s influence. BTS has become symbolic as a guaranteed catalyst to enhance micro and macro economics.

Lots of Kpop events in 2019

Just within 2 months of this year, there have been so many appearances or scheduled appearances of Kpop idols and artists in the US. Just to name a few upcoming events- Girl’s Generation’s Tiffany will be having her first showcase as Tiffany Young in a few days, Sunmi will be having her first world tour next month, BLACKPINK will be at Coachella in April and BTS will be touring the US again in May. Additionally, Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, Hong Jin Young and Dean have already performed in the US within the last 2 months.

BLACKPINK made their official US debut on “Good Morning America”  and announced their North American Tour during the interview just awhile back. With so many activities planned in the US for the first half of 2019, many are wondering whether BLACKPINK will be able to have success similar to BTS. There is definitely a lot of potential but as previous idol groups like Wonder Girls and Girl’s Generation have proven, it isn’t easy to accomplish.

Overall Take

As an avid Kpop fan whose biases are mostly the first generation of Kpop idols, I can’t help but feel happy and excited to see how well Kpop is doing in the US. There are many idol groups who have also contributed to Kpop’s success like Monsta X, EXO and annual events like KCON LA or KCON NY. But amongst everything I have read, seen and heard, I want to credit BTS for really opening the door wide open for Kpop to take on the US. There have been many attempts but no one has been as successful as BTS and thanks to that, I think Kpop fans are able to have more opportunities to see their favorite Kpop idols shine for Uncle Sam.

All I could hope for would be that BTS’s continuous momentum ushers in even more opportunities for other Kpop artists to enter the US market. Till the day Kpop can be heard on various iheart radio stations in the US, “Hwaiting” to all Kpop artists!


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Big Hit Entertainment Confirms New Boy Group TXT’s Debut Date

Group TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s debut date has been confirmed to be March 4th.

On February 7th, Big Hit Entertainment made an official announcement through its social media accounts saying “TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s debut album ‘The Dream Chapter: STAR’ will be released on March 4th, and the group’s debut stage will be Mnet’s ‘Debut Celebration Show'”.

Big Hit has explained that the group name ‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER’ means that different people with the same dream have gathered to create another “tomorrow together”.

On March 5th, after Mnet’s exclusive debut celebration show, TXT will have a debut showcase and meet their fans at the Seoul Gwangjin-ku Yes 24 Live Hall.

Since January 11th, Big Hit has been releasing introduction films and photos of the five members, who are Soobin, Hueningkai, Beomkyu, Yeonjun, and Taehyun.

The group’s introduction and questioning films have gather more than 61,000,000 accumulated views. Some people call TXT the “brother group” of BTS, who is in the same agency.


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BTS is Reportedly Planning to Its New Album in May

According to an exclusive report by Ilgan Sports, BTS is currently working on an album with the goal of making a comeback in May.

Image source – OSEN News

In an exclusive report published on Wednesday, Ilgan Sport said that with the award season wrapping up, BTS is now focusing on their new album which will reportedly come out this May. Moreover, having finished their “Love Yourself” trilogy with their last album released last August, the news outlet says that “expectations are high for what themes and messages” this new album will have.

However, with all that said, the group’s agency has not confirmed. When asked about BTS’ comeback Big Hit Entertainment said: “we’ll let you know when the comeback is confirmed.”

Even so, Big Hit’s team is reportedly already actively working on to make it the group’s best album and comeback so far. Notably, this will also be the group’s first release since renewing their contact with the agency last year. The company seems determined to make the most out of their longstanding partnership.

“It is Big Hit’s philosophy that the artists who are having the best performance in the world should be given the best treatment. We signed a contract with seven members of the BTS to have a more stable and long-term activity after sufficient discussion,” the agency said. To accomplish this, the company bolstered their team to include around 100 employed and are working to reinforce investment and support for the group.

Given that 2018 was a groundbreaking year for the group, many are excited to see what they will achieve this time around.




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BTS Jungkook Reportedly Purchased a Private Apartment

Jungkook, the youngest member from boy group BTS, reportedly purchased an apartment in Seoul.

Image source – Korea Daily

On Monday, Bizhankook reported that BTS member Jungkook purchased a Seoul Forest Trimage apartment last year in October. The group’s agency Big Hit Entertainment responded that “it’s hard to confirm” whether the report is true because it deals with his private life.

Notably, a few years ago in 2016, BTS member J-hope became the talk of the town when information surfaced that he obtained a residence in the apartment complex. Moreover, it seems that the Seoul Forest Trimage is a hot spot for celebrities. In particular, the place where Jungkook purchased the apartment in where Super Junior Choi Siwon, Donghae, Girls’ Generation Sunny, JYJ Kim Jae-joong, and other stars reside.

According to the report, the singer purchased a 780 square foot apartment for 1.95 billion won, approximately $1.33 million. Further, considering that a mortgage loan was not established for the property, the media outlet presumes that he purchased it with cash.

Meanwhile, BTS members live together at a dormitory in the Yongsan district of Seoul.



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BTS’s Agency Big Hit Entertainment Unveils First Member of Their New Boy Group ‘TXT’

Twitter @BigHitEnt

Big Hit Entertainment, boy group BTS’s agency, has unveiled the first member of their new boy group ‘TXT (Tomorrow X Together)’.

On January 11th (KST), Big Hit Entertainment posted on Twitter two photos of the first member Yeonjun (연준), announcing the official debut of the group.

Earlier, it was reported that Big Hit Entertainment will debut BTS’s “younger brother group”, yet, the agency never revealed the name or details about the new group.

Big Hit Entertainment also released a teaser video of the new member on their official YouTube account, titled “TXT ‘Introduction Film – What do you do?’ – YEONJUN”.


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BTS Wins Golden Disc Awards’ Grand Prize on Day 2

For the second year in a row, BTS has secured the “daesang” or Grand Prize at the Gold Disc Awards.

Image source – OSEN News

With a groundbreaking year behind them, any South Korean popular music award show would be remiss not to acknowledge BTS.

On Sunday afternoon at the second day of the Golden Disc Awards, BTS secured four awards, including the Grand Prize for the night. In their acceptance speech the members talking about the year past and how they finally got the fruits of their labor. Moreover, while it was difficult and frustrating at times, they are proud of who and what they have become.

Image source – JTBC

Commenting about this, leader RM said that people didn’t take to the group name, an acronym that directly translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts, in 2010 when the debuted. Now, he is “proud of the BTS name” saying that it matched the members and their identity well.

Further, they thanked fans and said they are looking forward to 2019. Suga said, “Thank you for loving us every time we release my album. Last year was a touching year. We will be back with a great album this year, too.” Likewise, member V commented that V said, they “received a lot of love in 2018” and that “there were many proud moments.” Going into the new year, they hope to continue to make impactful music.



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BTS Becomes First Korean Group Make The Annual Bloomberg 50

BTS shows off their growing global impact and breaks yet another record as the first Korean group to place name in the annual Bloomberg 50!

On December 6, American media company Bloomberg published this year’s Bloomberg 50. The list “The People who Defined Global Business in 2018” is an annual tradition of the company, where they recognize noteworthy accomplishments in various areas, such as business, entertainment, finance, politics, and more.

Alongside many influencers, BTS became the first-ever Korean group to place their name on the list. Furthermore, they were the one out of two singers to be included in this year’s list. The other singer included in the list was Taylor Swift.

Regarding the reason for including BTS on the list, Bloomberg pointed out the group’s achievements in the United States. The article stated that by becoming the first Korean pop band to top Billboard’s album charts with “Love Yourself: Tear” album, BTS achieved “an unprecedented level of success in the U.S.”

Image Source – Bloomberg

Congratulations to BTS!

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