Jungkook, the youngest member from boy group BTS, reportedly purchased an apartment in Seoul.

Image source – Korea Daily

On Monday, Bizhankook reported that BTS member Jungkook purchased a Seoul Forest Trimage apartment last year in October. The group’s agency Big Hit Entertainment responded that “it’s hard to confirm” whether the report is true because it deals with his private life.

Notably, a few years ago in 2016, BTS member J-hope became the talk of the town when information surfaced that he obtained a residence in the apartment complex. Moreover, it seems that the Seoul Forest Trimage is a hot spot for celebrities. In particular, the place where Jungkook purchased the apartment in where Super Junior Choi Siwon, Donghae, Girls’ Generation Sunny, JYJ Kim Jae-joong, and other stars reside.

According to the report, the singer purchased a 780 square foot apartment for 1.95 billion won, approximately $1.33 million. Further, considering that a mortgage loan was not established for the property, the media outlet presumes that he purchased it with cash.

Meanwhile, BTS members live together at a dormitory in the Yongsan district of Seoul.



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