The choreography to girl group AOA’s hit songs apparently has an immediate weight loss effect!

On the upcoming June 2 broadcast of JTBC’s ‘Idol Room,’ AOA appeared to promote their new song, ‘Bingle Bangle.’

During one of the program’s segment ‘Fact Check,’ the MC’s Jeong Hyeong-Don and Defconn proved that the choreography definitely has a weight loss effect.

First, the two MC’S measured their weight prior to learning the dance. Then, they learned a few dances to AOA’s hit songs and started dancing with the group. While AOA managed to finish all of their dances, the two MC’s dropped out even before the first verse to the songs ended.

After they finished dancing, Jeong Hyeong-Don and Defconn measured their weight again and noticed there has been obvious changes to their weights.

The broadcast of ‘Idol Room’ with AOA will air June 2nd on JTBC.

Original Article
Translated by Dasol Kim