AOA Jimin cleared up the rumors about her health.

On February 13th, Jimin posted several photos of herself and wrote: “I’m healthy”.

A day earlier, Jimin shared photos of her on Instagram, and many fans and netizens expressed their worries about her health since she looked very skinny in the pictures. She was wearing an oversized sweatshirt with a short skirt, and looked even skinnier than when AOA was performing ‘Bingle Bangle’.

As Jimin’s name appeared on the most searched words list on Internet, her agency explained that “she is healthy as usual”. And now Jimin has clarified herself.

Jimin has been taking a break since AOA made a comeback with ‘Bingle Bangle’ in last May. She made a guest appearance on the tvN show ‘Soomi’s Recipes’ on February 6th, and she will also appear on the show’s episode on the 13th.


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By Audrey Joung