AOA Seolhyun plans to return to television in her first action role in about four years.

Image source – OSEN News database

On Wednesday, OSEN News reported that AOA member Seolhyun had decided to join the cast of “My Country” (working title), JTBC’s upcoming drama. In particular, this will be the singer’s first drama role in about four years since KBS2’s “Orange Marmalade” aired in 2015.

“My Country” in a historical action drama set during the late Goryeo and early Joseon periods and is an “explosive portrayal of the desire for power” with people motivated by the ideas of what their country is and should be.

Seolhyun will enter the series as Han Hui-jae, who is apart of an intelligence group that excels at understanding power the usefulness of information. In addition to playing a competent female role, she will also be the romantic interest of Yang Se-jong and Woo Do-hwan’s characters.

Seolhyun is the latest addition of a lineup of big actors including Jang Hyuk, who confirmed his appearance last month.

Meanwhile, filming will begin sometime in March and will air during the second half of the year.




By O.C