U-KISS Kiseop Quietly Enlists After Saying Goodbye to Fans

U-KISS Kiseop quietly enlisted on Thursday without any special event.


On Thursday U-KISS Kiseop enlisted at the Nonsan Army Training Center with no special event, but he did say goodbye to fans. In a handwritten letter that he uploaded on Instagram, he talked about the staff and fans who have been with the group for the past ten years.

“It’s been 10 years since I’ve been active with U-KISS,” and “For 10 years I have been running with the members, our staff, and our fans,” he wrote. Continuing, he mentions that he is a bit embarrassed by his late enlistment and that he is lacking in many ways. Even so, he plans to return after completing his training and service sincerely.

After completing basic training, Kiseop will take on the role of a social service worker. Because of spinal disc issues, the singer will not be able to become an active duty soldier. Notably, he is the third member from his group to enter the military following member Soohyung and Hoon, the latter of which entered earlier this week. The remaining members Eli, who is American, and Jun who is much younger, will focus on individual activities.

Meanwhile, Kiseop has been active in both Korea and Japan. Late last year, his Japanese Christmas album Glory topped the Oricon chart. Months before, he and Hoon formed a unite and released a successful Japanese single.




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U-KISS Hoon Bids Fans Farewell Before Military Enlistment

Hoon, a member of veteran K-pop group U-KIss, bid his fans farewell as he joined the military on Monday.


U-KISS Hoon quietly entered the military on Monday without any special event. As with all new able-bodied recruits, the singer will undergo basic training for five weeks before being assigned a permanent position.

However, while the singer did not hold a special event, Hoon posted a handwritten letter to his fans on social media. “Thank you Kiss Me. I’ll return well!” the singer wrote, referring to the name of the U-KISS’ fan club.

“I’m going to [complete my service] with confidence. Since I’ve joined U-KISS, I’ve had so many many memorable and happy moments until now. I’ll come back to you with a heart and body that is like an adult,” he wrote. In addition to these promises and show of gratitude, the singer also said that fans would give him strength throughout his service.

Meanwhile, Hoon is the second member of the group to enlist. A little over a year ago, the group’s leader Soohyun began his service in December 2017. Following Hoon’s enlistment, Kiseop is expected to enter the military later this month on the 21st. On the other hand, Eli who was born and grew up in the U.S., and June who is not of age yet, will focus on individual activities.




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Former U-Kiss Member Allen Kim Reveals Marriage and Newborn Son on Instagram

Best known as the younger brother of SS501’s Kim Hyung-jun and being a former member of boy group U-KISS, Allen Kim (also known as Allen Kibum) revealed that he is married and just became a father in an Instagram post.

On Wednesday, former U-KISS member Allen Kim made a surprising revelation on Instagram that at the very least was informative.

In the post, the singer informed his followers that he is not only married, but he is a new father too. It is not know how long he had been married, but his wife and child appears to have given him a new sense of purpose and happiness.

“As long as you work diligently you’ll get results — I’m grateful for this new driving force and the family that I have to protect with my life,” wrote Kim. Continue, Kim mentioned that his wife is an average non-celebrity woman who works in Japan.

Accompanying the message were a few picture couple photo that looked to come from a wedding pictorial, one of Kim holding an ultrasound picture, and another of his newborn son’s cute feet.

However, with all of this new information, Kim understood that it may be difficult for some and asked for understanding and apologized. “I would appreciate it if you could understand…I feel guilty for not letting my fans know the surprising news beforehand,” Kim wrote.

Further, the singer notes that he will never forget what his fans have done for him and would like to repay the kindness they have shown him. Lastly, he asks that they support him and his family going forward as well.




Images – Allen Kim’s Instagram (@allen_kibum)

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Former U-KISS Member Dongho Getting Divorced After 3 Years

Dongho confirms that he is getting a divorce after 3 years of marriage.

On September 20, several reports stated that a former U-KISS member Dongho had filed for a divorce after being married to his wife for 3 years. Soon afterwards, the former singer confirmed the news himself and said, “we have decided to get a divorce due to differences in our personalities.”

The following is the official statement from Dongho:

Hello, I’m sorry for worrying you guys with the reports today.

I didn’t want to make a big deal out of this for the sake of my son and his mother, but the news broke out, anyways.

This isn’t something on which I should elaborate, but we decided to get a divorce due to the differences in our personalities. This was a mutual decision, and we have already filed all necessary paperwork.

Furthermore, this is a decision that was made after many discussions and thoughts. And we did not end things on a bad term. Therefore, even though our relationship as a couple has ended, we will still put our best efforts into being parents of a child together.

At last, I’m a person who has already been exposed to the mass communication, but my son is not. As he grows up, I hope this doesn’t become a greater wound than it is right now. Therefore, I sincerely ask you to help in doing that.

Thank you.


Meanwhile, Dongho got married in November of 2015 and welcomed his first son into the family the following year. At the time, the singer had said, “I know we are getting married at a very young age. However, if each one of us tries really hard, I believe we can get through anything together.”

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U-Kiss Members Celebrate Their 10-Year Anniversary

Group U-Kiss celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Image source – NH Entertainment

On August 28, NH Entertainment posted pictures on U-Kiss‘s official social media channel for the group’s 10th anniversary. In one of the photos, four of the members pose in front of a fan-sponsored subway billboard.  The group made their South Korean debut in 2008 with New Generation headed by the title track “Not Young.” However, it would not be until 2009 when the group released the song “Man Man Ha Ni.”

Since their debut, U-Kiss has gone through several different line-up changes and now consists of five members. Although not as popular as they once were in South Korea due to a few scandals, the members occasionally appear on entertainment programs.

Member Jun confirmed his appearance in the upcoming “Law of the Jungle” in India, which will air in September. Further, Eli first guested on KBS’s breakthrough “Mr. House Husband” in 2016 before becoming a regular member. Additionally, Hoon will star in the upcoming web drama “What’s Wrong with Joseon,” a drama that looks to explore and understand multiculturalism in South Korea.



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U-Kiss Kiseop and Hoon Drop Their First Unit Album

Kiseop and Hoon from the K-pop group U-Kiss have released their first album as a two-member unit.

Image source – Sony Music

U-Kiss is a group with a long-established reputation in both Korea and Japan, and among the members, Kiseop and Hoon are fully recognized for their writing, composing, and productions skills. As such, creating music came naturally to the two singers and gradually led to their first album as a unit.

The new album has two songs that Kiseop and Hoon, respectively composed: “Train” and “Milk Tea.” According to their label, “Train” focuses on lyrical melodies while “Milk Tea” is a song that “replies” to “Train.”

Meanwhile, U-Kiss plans to hold concerts in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya starting this August.



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Video of U-Kiss Kiseop Burn Accident Surfaces

On September 6 U-Kiss member Kiseop suffered second-degree burns while filming the music video for the group’s comeback. Now video of the incident has surfaced.

The video released NH EMG, a subsidary of NH Media, on September 7 shows what happened at the time of the accident.

In the video Kiseop is filming in a shipping container with what appears to be a flare in his hands. Once Kiseop pulls the cap off the flare it explodes with the majority of the debris impacting the singer’s face and hands. It should be noted that the heat of the debris is the cause for the second-degree burns. He is then seen kneeling down after the accident as staff members assess the situation.

Accordingly Kiseop was transferred to a hospital in Incheon to receive treatment for his injuries. Later he was later released to recover at home. Furthermore, according to an NH Media representative he is in stable condition will receive outpatient treatment.

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