Best known as the younger brother of SS501’s Kim Hyung-jun and being a former member of boy group U-KISS, Allen Kim (also known as Allen Kibum) revealed that he is married and just became a father in an Instagram post.

On Wednesday, former U-KISS member Allen Kim made a surprising revelation on Instagram that at the very least was informative.

In the post, the singer informed his followers that he is not only married, but he is a new father too. It is not know how long he had been married, but his wife and child appears to have given him a new sense of purpose and happiness.

“As long as you work diligently you’ll get results — I’m grateful for this new driving force and the family that I have to protect with my life,” wrote Kim. Continue, Kim mentioned that his wife is an average non-celebrity woman who works in Japan.

Accompanying the message were a few picture couple photo that looked to come from a wedding pictorial, one of Kim holding an ultrasound picture, and another of his newborn son’s cute feet.

However, with all of this new information, Kim understood that it may be difficult for some and asked for understanding and apologized. “I would appreciate it if you could understand…I feel guilty for not letting my fans know the surprising news beforehand,” Kim wrote.

Further, the singer notes that he will never forget what his fans have done for him and would like to repay the kindness they have shown him. Lastly, he asks that they support him and his family going forward as well.




Images – Allen Kim’s Instagram (@allen_kibum)

Translated by O.C