Group U-Kiss celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Image source – NH Entertainment

On August 28, NH Entertainment posted pictures on U-Kiss‘s official social media channel for the group’s 10th anniversary. In one of the photos, four of the members pose in front of a fan-sponsored subway billboard.¬† The group made their South Korean debut in 2008 with¬†New Generation headed by the title track “Not Young.” However, it would not be until 2009 when the group released the song “Man Man Ha Ni.”

Since their debut, U-Kiss has gone through several different line-up changes and now consists of five members. Although not as popular as they once were in South Korea due to a few scandals, the members occasionally appear on entertainment programs.

Member Jun confirmed his appearance in the upcoming “Law of the Jungle” in India, which will air in September. Further, Eli first guested on KBS’s breakthrough “Mr. House Husband” in 2016 before becoming a regular member. Additionally, Hoon will star in the upcoming web drama “What’s Wrong with Joseon,” a drama that looks to explore and understand multiculturalism in South Korea.



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