Highlight’s member Yong Jun-hyung is to comeback as an actor in new drama, “Coffee, Do Me a Favor.”

BM Cultures

“Coffee, Do Me a Favor” is a romantic comedy drama about a woman who drinks magical coffee to become pretty and an online cartoonist who is cynical about love. The drama has completed the production and is now ready to premiere.

The upcoming drama stars K-pop group Highlight’s member Yong Jun-hyung as the male lead. Actresses Kim Min-young and Chae Seo-jin are starring as the female leads.

“Lim Hyun-woo,” the role Yong Jun-hyung is to show, is a chic and obtrusive character. He is a professional online cartoonist who seems to be well aware of romantic relationship. But in reality, he is cynical about romance. Fans are eagerly waiting to see his drama comeback in five years.

“Coffee, Do Me a Favor,” is to premiere on December 1.


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