HIGHLIGHT’s Yong Jun-hyung and FT Island’s Lee Hong-gi have opened their mouths about Seungri’s group chat.

Previously, Jung Joon-Young has been accused of filming sexual footages and sharing them to the group chat room with Seungri and other celebrities whose names are yet to be revealed.

As the media report distinguished one of the chat room members by his last name Yong, the guesses are narrowed down to HIGHLIGHT’s member Yong Joon-hyung. About the accusation, Yong Jun-hyung said, “the reported contents are not true at all.”

“While I’m confused myself, I thought many would be worried or angry so I’m posting this myself,” said Yong Jun-hyung through Instagram. “I felt confused when the reports told me that I participated or was involved in this incident. At the same time, the fact that my name is mentioned in the incident like this made me reflect on myself.”

“Reported contents, which exclude previous or following contexts, are not true at all and I did not even realize that kind of incident happened at that time when I first heard about it,” he continued. “Some may find me guilty for just thoughtlessly asking back (in the chat room). I will make sure I’m careful with everything I say in the future.”

According to the media reports, Yong asked, “It was caught by the girl?” when Jung Jun-young said, “I was caught filming and sharing the videos lol.”

At the same time, Lee Hong-gi eased fans’ worries by making an appearance at a fan chat room. Previously, one of the reports accidentally did not delete Lee Hong-gi’s full name from the article about the chat room.

In the fans’ group chat room, Lee Hong-gi said, “Things got messed up overnight. Don’t worry. I will see you all at the live tomorrow,” in a rather light tone.

Although he did not mention the chat room directly, it seems like the singer is suggestively denying his participation in the chat room.


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