Yong Jun-hyung admitted claims about Jung Joon-young’s sex videos.

On March 14, Yong Jun-hyung wrote to Instagram to admit the claims about his involvement in the problematic group chat room.

“When I received the call about this from my agency, which was on March 11 right after the news report, I did not understand the point and told that I was not in the group chat,” he wrote. “When I said it was 2016 when I was talking to the agency to publish an official statement, I couldn’t check the exact date because the conversation with Jung Joon-young has been deleted. I understand that this caused confusions to many and I apologize.”

He went on to confess that he has received another video from Jung Joon-young in 2015. “I didn’t receive the video in 2016, but I’ve received another video. In addition, I shared an inappropriate conversation about it. Everything was very immoral and I was foolish. I did not realize that these were illegal and I thought about it too lightly. It’s also my fault not stopping him strictly.”

He had a police interview and expressed his will to admit his fault. He said, “Yesterday, I went to have a witness interview regarding the incident. I told everything as far as I know and cooperated with the investigation. Throughout the interview, I could clearly read what kind of things I said and I couldn’t help feeling shameful and miserable about it.”

Lastly, Yong Jun-hyung added that he is leaving HIGHLIGHT.

“I realized the weight of the incident. I don’t want to cause further harm to the members and those who must have been disappointed in me. So I will resign from the group on March 14, 2019. I will continue to reflect on what I’ve done over and over again. I once again apologize.”

Previously on March 11, Yong Jun-hyung promptly denied the suspicions regarding his involvement in the chat room.


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