BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is about to open a bowling alley and a cafe named after him.

Opening in February and March subsequently, “GD Cafe” and the bowling alley are especially meaningful spaces as he participated in the whole process from the initial stages to design, marketing, and the interior design.

For instance, the architectural design of “GD Cafe” is inspired by the artist’s fashion brand PEACEMINUSONE’s logo design. The bowling alley, which is operated as a lounge pub as well, was also initiated by G-Dragon’s concerns that Jeju Island lacks leisure spaces where a whole family can have fun.

Both businesses are almost ready to launch after a year of preparation and the K-pop artist is staying in Jeju, adding final touched by installing his personal art collection and even painting by himself.

As the island is visited by a vast number of national and international visitors, G-Dragon’s new businesses are expected to create a synergetic effect in the local tourism market.


Original article
Translated by Heewon Kim