Big Bang G-Dragon’s current military status has set off arousing rumors and speculations!


One of Kpop’s biggest boy group, Big Bang, has become a hot topic in the headlines once again! This time, the member in the spotlight is none other than leader G-Dragon about his failure to rank up in the military.

According to OSEN, an article published on March 2nd mentioned G-Dragon wasn’t promoted with his peers [who enlisted around the same time] because he failed to fulfill the requirements to rank up. Many articles had been speculating the reason may be because G-Dragon has taken so many vacation days since he reported for military duty on February 27,2018. Amid such speculations, there were rumors again (GD’s injuries prior to enlisting) about how G-Dragon is trying to avoid active duty.

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The rumors about why G-Dragon failed to be promoted were clarified by a military representative who stated taking too many vacation days are never used as a reason to hold back promotions. It was also confirmed G-Dragon is cleared to serve as an active duty soldier during this controversy.


With rumors and speculations still ablaze about G-Dragon’s military life, it does seems like G-Dragon’s military service has been getting an excessive amount of attention for something that may be insignificant. With others speculating G-Dragon’s overemphasized controversy may be to cover up other scandals like Seungri’s investigations, only time will tell.

Meanwhile it’s great to hear reports of G-Dragon not paying much attention to all of this!

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By Sara N


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