Several K-pop agencies announced their plans to protect their artists by confronting malicious comments strictly.

On June 11, girl group GFriend’s agency Source Music announced their plan to file criminal complaints about spreading malicious rumors, personal attacks, sexual harassments, and defamations online.

“In order to protect the human rights of members and to provide a better working environment, we will confront some of the persistent offenders,” announced the agency.

Boy Group Highlight’s agency AroundUS Entertainment also recently took legal action against malicious commenters. Since 2013, singer IU has continued the war against rumors and defamations online, leaving several tens of people with fines or social services.

AOA member Seolhyun also joined them. “We’re collecting as many data as possible to take legal action against those to spread pornographic composite photos online,” announced FNC Entertainment, adding that they won’t tolerate any case regarding such defamation.

Members of Wanna One have been confronting malicious commenters who crossed the line. Park Ji-hoon’s agency had filed criminal complaints in October last year, and some of the suspects were indicted. Agencies of Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji-sung took legal action in July last year and agencies of other members, namely Lee Dae-hwi, Park Woo-jin, Bae Jin-young, and Ha Sung-woon, announced to confront malicious comments.

Whereas celebrities in the past hesitated to deal with malicious comments, agencies nowadays act more aggressively to protect their artists. Fans, too, support them by sending screenshots of such comments.


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