G-Dragon has been admitted to hospital to receive a surgery for his right ankle.

On May 17, YG Entertainment reported to OSEN that “G-Dragon will return to his military service a few days after he receives his surgery.”

According to various sources, G-Dragon has been receiving treatment for his right ankle since last month. The hospital recommended that he receives surgery, and G-Dragon took in the advice and hospitalized himself.

However, the pain in his ankle did not occur during his time in the military. The pain started even before he enlisted, and he had several occasions where he hurt his ankle on stage.

In addition, fans found him wearing an ankle bracelet in the picture released from the training camp in March. Many assumed that he had injured himself during his training as well, which worsened the pain.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon finished his 5-week long military training from the Baekgol training camp on April 5, and was assigned as a training instructor in the army camp.

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Translated by Dasol Kim