The SBSfunE reporter who broke the story about BIGBANG’s Seungri soliciting prostitutes for foreign investors explains their motivations to publish it.

Image source – OSEN News database/ Instiz online community

On Sunday, Kang Kyung-hoon, the reporter who broke the stunning article about BIGBANG’s Seungri hiring prostitutes for foreign investors, responded to a comment on the online community Instiz. In the response, Kang why they were motivated to publish the story on the singer and his alleged dealings in the black market.

According to the reported, while they do feel back about the pain the information in the article may have cause Seungri’s young fans, the report and its forthcoming follow-up report are not a mistake. This is because it is bigger than the Seungri, his group, businesses, or fans. It is about society.

“I am most sensitive to those who are high school age; I think that high school fans might have been hurt by reading the article. But the reason why I can’t erase the article or stop the follow-up report is because I feel bad for [his] fans. This is something I have to society,” wrote Kang.

Image source – OSEN News database

Moreover, the reporter reveals that they gave the article a lot of thought and still worry quite a bit while covering the story. Even so, Kang understands that it might be too hard for many to see the situation from their perspective.

On the other hand, Seungri and his agency YG Entertainment have denied the allegations presented in Kang’s article unilaterally. In order to clear his name, Seungri surrendered to police voluntarily┬álast week were he endured almost nine hours of questioning.

Further, he decided to cancel all of his upcoming activities in anticipation of a full investigation, one that his eager to go through. On the night that he went to police, he also submitted a plea that they examine him thoroughly so has to completely debunk any allegation.

However, with his enlistment into the army anticipated to take place within the next few months, it has yet to be seen if he can recover from his string of controversies before going on a military hiatus.





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