Both JYP Entertainment and 2PM Jun.K have apologized for his drunk driving incident.

Jun.K drunk driving
Image source – OSEN News

Police arrested 2PM singer Jun.K on February 10 around 7 AM at a check-point at the Sinsa Station intersection. At the time of the arrest, the singer reportedly had a 0.074 percent blood alcohol concentration (BAC). This BAC level effects balance, speech, vision, reaction time, hearing, and hinders driving ability. More importantly, it is grounds for license suspension in South Korea.

On JYP Entertainment’s website, Jun.K wrote to fans saying: “I am so sorry to have to write to you about this. My judgment at that moment was foolish. Even though I know how bad it is to drink I drive it still happened. I will look back at what I did, repent and deeply reflect on what I have done. I want to sincerely apologize to the fans who trusted me and given me their love, and to the members, for disappointing them.”

Furthermore, JYP Entertainment also apologizes saying, “We apologize for the drunk driving scandal involving our artist Kim Min-jun.” They continued with, “Kim Min-jun is extremely remorseful and we will cease all future activities. However, we will honor already agreed upon schedules with our overseas partners.”

Moreover, the entertainment wrote about current and future preventative measures. “As a measure to prevent celebrities from driving under the influence, the company has appointed full-time driving agencies for all of its artist since 2014, also with regular drunk driving education. More, we have also implemented a system where the company covers the costs of driving. Nevertheless, we feel responsible for what happened and are considering what better prevention measures can be adopted. Once again, we offer our deepest apologies.”

Meanwhile, police charged Jun.K for drunk driving. Further details about the incident have yet to be revealed.



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