Before starting his solo concert on Saturday, BIGBANG member Seungri spoke to fans shortly about the Burning Sun controversy.

Image source – OSEN News database

“I sincerely regret [for what has happened] and apologize again for causing disappointment and concern,” said Seungri on Saturday evening. It was the very beginning of his Seoul show for his concert tour “The Great Seungri” at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.

Before performing, the singer took the stage to speak to fans about the controversy surrounding his Gangnam club Burning Sun. “When there is a controversy I should have acted responsibly, but I didn’t,” he said, ” I feel very sorry to those who love me so much.”

While the singer lamented his mishandling of the situation, he commented that it was an opportunity for him to reflect and apologize properly. Moreover, he promised fans that he would never worry they like this again and felt shy and embarrassed about the whole thing.

Image source – YG Entertainment

After apologizing, Seungri performed some of BIGBANG’s his songs including “Bang, Bang, Bang,” “Liar,” and “Crooked,” which is one of G-Dragon’s songs. Additionally, he also performed songs from his solo album that he released last year.

Earlier this year, information emerged about a violent incident that took place at Seungri’s club Burning Sun last year. According to several reports and an ongoing investigation, the situation may have involved misconduct from both police and club personnel. The lynchpin in the whole thing is how long Seungri took to issue an official response.

On Feb. 2, Seungri released a statement where he apologized for the delay and provided a short explanation. According to the singer, he was not present when the incident took place and was informed a few days later from his staff.

He states that “violence can’t be justified in any circumstance” and apologized to the victim that was hurt. Further, he supports the investigation and hopes that those responsible will be brought to justice.




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