GOT7 Members Chat with Twitter’s Creator and CEO Jack Dorsey.

GOT7 members Mark, Young-jae, and BamBam, met with Twitter creator and CEO Jack Dorsey to chat about K-pop and how the micro-blogging site has helped it grow.

For the past few days, Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey has been in South Korea where he has had an opportunity to meet president Moon Jae-in, attend a press conference, and even sit down to converse with K-pop idols. It is part of the silicon valley power house’s international tour of regional offices. While there were a variety of subjects to talk about, one, in particular, held the most discussion time: K-pop.

K-pop has contributed to Twitter’s resurgence in South Korea, the CEO of Twitter Korea Shin Cheong-seop acknowledged in an interview last year. When Twitter was introduced to the country in the early 2010s, daily user use was far below other places in the world.

However, after actively expanding K-pop idol group accounts and broadcasting interviews on Twitter in 2015, “fans began to flock to [Twitter],” for the artists domestically and around the world revealed CEO Shin.

Dorsey echoed this sentiment. “K-pop loves Twitter; Twitter loves K-pop. Certainly, we benefited massively from people choosing us to have a conversation about their passion,” he said Friday. According to the micro-blogging site, South Korea ranks as the second fastest growing revenue market for the company. This year it may ascend to first place.

On Friday when he sat down with GOT7 member Mark, Young-jae, and BamBam, Dorsey and another company representative chatted about how they discovered and used the program. BamBam commented that he likes to use Twitter because it is one of the “fastest ways to connect with people” all over the world.

This connection is one of the reasons why K-pop Twitter is growing so much. With a legion of followers groups like BTS (14.4 million followers) and GOT7 (6.2 million followers) have fans who had translated updates and shared information on the platform years before the entertainment agencies started providing translations themselves.

While GOT7 members have seen the benefits of the platform in communicating with the fanbase, Youngjae presented an idea for a better and more intimate way to speak to fans when Dorsey asked them how they would run Twitter. “If [we] could make a room and put a limit on the number of people in the room [and] the first people to get into the room (sic) gets a chance to talk to you,” he said through a translation by member Mark.

His idea was well received by Dorsey, and with South Korea and K-pop playing an important role on the platform, his idea might take hold.

Check out their full conversation here.



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Images courtesy of GOT7 Official Twitter Account

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[HOT CLIP!] GOT7 JB, Youngjae, and BamBam Eat a Live Octopus

Seoul native JB goes restaurant hopping with members Youngjae and BamBam to try some unique Korean food.

South Korean cuisine conjures up images of kimchi, rice, and sensational spiciness. Undoubtedly so, a typical Korean meal is not complete without a bit of the three –they are unquestionable elements of Korean cuisine. However, in addition to these stables of the Korean table there is another integral part of Korean food: seafood.

Surrounded by the ocean on three sides South Korean cuisine has a plethora of sea food dishes. San-nakji, freshly cut tentacles drizzled sesame oil and toast sesame seeds, is probably one of the most notorious dishes. Check out the hilarious reactions of the three GOT7 members in the video above!

Have you tried any of the dishes shown in the video?

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[Teaser] GOT7 Releases Track List for ‘7 for 7’

The newly released track list for GOT7’s upcoming album marks a huge milestone for the group.

GOT7 Never Ever Group photo
JYP Entertainment

GOT7 released the track list for their new album, 7 for 7, this morning and fans of the group will notice something important.

The title track of GOT7’s seventh extended play (EP) is written by one of the members, JB. Prior to 7 for 7 GOT7’s last six Korean EPs and two studio albums had title tracks the members were not involved in. Clearly, this is a huge milestone for the group.

The title track, “You Are”, is the third on the album following “Moon You” and “Teenage”. Following these three tracks is “Firework”, “Remember You”, “내게” (to me), and “Face” creating a total of seven songs.

Moreover, every single song on the album has member involvement — mostly for lyric writing and song composition. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until October 8 for the album spoiler, keeping the album’s concept mysterious.

GOT7 will be making a comeback on October 10 after a seven month break since their last release in March. Since the release of their last album Flight Log: Arrival members have focused on individual and overseas activities.

Check out the track list here:

7 for 7 track list – JYP Entertainment

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[Teaser] Schedule for GOT7’s October Comeback Released!

GOT7 has finally released the schedule for their 7 for 7 comeback.


Fans were left in a state of anticipation after the released of the 7 for 7 clip on September 19. But, with almost a week since the release of the clip fans were growing anxious for more information. Well, the wait is over.

This morning GOT7 released the schedule for the return next month. Starting on September 26 fans can expect non-stop teasers until the release of the album. The new album’s track list will be released first, followed by a series of teaser images and a lyric video teaser.

GOT7 last album  Flight Log: Arrival was released in March, headed by the title track “Never Ever”. Since the release of the last album, the members have been focusing on activities abroad as a group and as individuals. Moreover, in July a sub-unit of GOT7, JJ Project, returned after a 5-year hiatus.

Check out the schedule here:

Got7 comeback
GOT7 comeback schedule – JYP Entertainment

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[Teaser] GOT7 Releases Mysterious “7 for 7” Clip

This morning GOT7 released a mysterious clip titled “7 for 7” on their social media channels.

Via Instagram: @ifandco “Custom 14K Solid White Gold & Yellow Gold “Got7” Seven-Piece Squad Set. “

The “7 for 7” clip is likely a teaser for the group’s anticipated comeback slated for October. Interestingly, the clip featured metallic triangles coming together in a septagon, a seven-sided shape. Moreover, the septagon is a shape that can be directly associated with GOT7, with its first appearance being the ‘GOT7: Identify’ album in late 2014.

Via Twitter: @mtuan93

Additionally, the members were revealed to have customized necklaces that when combined create the same shape. Back in May of this year members were spotted with new and shiny bling. As interest in the necklaces grew a deeper meaning was uncovered. GOT7 had created the pieces to symbolize  the group member’s connection, love, and friendship.

We can’t wait for more information! Check out the clip here:

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5 Must-Watch Hidden Camera Pranks on K-pop Idols

Check out these five hilarious hidden camera pranks performed on your favorite K-pop idols! From SHINee’s Key to GOT7’s Yugyeom, their reactions will have you laughing for days.

1.) 2AM Jinwoon’s Pee Prank on SHINee’s Key

2AM’s Jinwoon pretends to pee in a changing room and leaves Key to deal with the mess.

2.) BTS Elevator Prank

An old hidden camera prank on the young BTS, where they are individually put in an elevator with a crying woman.


3.) GOT7 Angry Prank on Yugyeom

The members of GOT7 start a heated argument in front of their innocent maknae, Yugyeom.


4. B1A4 Sandeul Prank

How will B1A4’s Sandeul react to a model’s invite to Playboy Mansion? Watch to find out!


5. Produce 101 Trainee Ghost Prank

Each of the Produce 101 S2 trainees are put in a room with a mirror, clueless about the scare they’re about to receive!