AOMG Puts Dating Rumors About Rapper Gray and Actress Song Da-Eun to Rest

AOMG quickly put to rest rumors that its artist, rapper Gray, is dating actress Song Da-Eun.

Gray and Song Da-eun – OSEN News

AOMG Official, Gray’s management agency, told news outlets on Friday afternoon that a report claiming that the rapper and actress Song Da-eun are dating is a groundless rumor. The statement came just 20 minutes after the now debunked article emerged and helped to prevent the story from spreading any further. Song’s representative also denied the rumor afterward.

Earlier, a media outlet reported that Gray and Song had graduated into a romantic relationship from friends. Further, according to the article, the two began to date sometime last year. However, due to their celebrity status, they have been cautious to hide their relationship in public. On the other hand, when with close acquaintances, they were able to open up and express their affection for each other, the article purported.

Meanwhile, Gray is behind numerous hit songs as a rapper and producer for singer Jay Park’s label AOMG Official. Additionally, the rapper is loved by the public after appearing on cable channel Mnet rapper survival program “Show Me the Money 5.”

Last year, Song saw her popularity grow after starring in Channel A’s “Heart Signal 2” last year. She later appeared in well-received web dramas.



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‘Heart Signal 2’ Jung Jae-ho Clarifies Break-up Rumors with Song Da-eun

‘Heart Signal 2’ Jung Jae-ho has clarified the rumor that says he and Song Da-eun are no longer together.

On September 27th, Jung Jaeho wrote on Instagram: “Hello, this is Jung Jae-ho. To be honest with you, Da-eun and I recently had a little fight. Right now, we are both working hard to recover our relationship”.

He continued and said: “We’ve caused some misunderstanding through Da-eun’s comment she posted during our fight. The “person” she mentioned is not a woman, he’s a guy friend of mine. To Da-eun and all other people who have misunderstood, I would like to sincerely apologize. I will come back with some happy news next time.”

Earlier on the 26th, Jung Jae-ho and Song Da-eun, who both appeared on ‘Heart Signal 2’ this year, got involved in break up rumors. Instagram users have found out that both of them had unfollowed each other on Instagram. In addition, to Jung’s post that says “I’ll open up a healing therapy session. Please participate!”, Song Da-eun commented: “What is the psychology behind a guy, who secretly talks and meets someone that his girlfriend doesn’t like?”. Now, the comment has been removed.


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