Kim Dong Wan, member of the longest active idol group Shinhwa, has been garnering much attention for celebrating South Korea’s holiday-March 1st.


March 1st is a special holiday in South Korea known as the March 1st independence movement to remember the past during Japanese colonization in the early 1900s.

Among the many celebrities celebrating this year’s 100th anniversary like actress Song Hye Kyo’s donation or posting about the anniversary, actor and idol Kim Dong Wan has been garnering attention for his “deep” post about Korea’s independence.

Shinhwa Kim Dong Wan starred in the drama specially prepared for this anniversary. To express his thoughts, he posted about a picture from his drama script that says the following:

“Truthfully, I can’t imagine Korea without Japan. Korea was already under Japan’s rule before I was born. I can’t imagine a different Korea. What we’re doing may be comparable to changing the sun with the moon.”

With this, the photo was captioned with “Korea’s independence was once considered a fantasy. Many fellow Koreans [figuratively] threw rocks at those who dreamed of this fantasy. If it wasn’t for those few dreamer’s sacrifice, we wouldn’t have the things we take for granted today. Thank you, sorry.”

Food for thought, can you imagine 2019 without your favorite idol? Without Kpop as it is today?



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