Jonghyun’s last appearance on a CCTV has been released.

On the 19th, SBS entertainment news show ‘Hanbam’ released part of Jonghyun’s last CCTV footage before his death. He was caught on the CCTV camera of a convenience store near the residence, in which his suicide took place at.

In the video released, Jonghyun is wearing a black sweatshirt and a thick padded jacket. After placing his phone on the counter, he took out a card from his wallet.

He left immediately after he purchased an item, which has not been revealed what it was. The store employee has testified that “he looked like he was in a rush to go somewhere”.

The residence he was staying at has explained that Jonghyun had booked the room himself. The ambulance worker also explained, “when we got there, it was after his cardiac arrest. He was already unconscious.”

The police has ended the case concluding it was a suicide.

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Translated by Audrey Joung