Actor Lee Tae-Ri will make his Hollywood debut with a special appearance in the upcoming film “Anastasia”

Actor Lee Tae-Ri, who has recently changed his stage name from Lee Min-Ho, is making his Hollywood debut. On July 17, Starhaus Entertainment announced, “Lee Tae-Ri will make a special appearance in upcoming film “Anastasia” as an Asian Prince named Prince Lee. He has already finished filming his part.”

Image Source – Starhaus Entertainment

The upcoming film “Anastasia” is a Hollywood production of the 1997 original animation film. The movie will tell a story about the Romanov family, who gets threatened by Lenin in 1917. Then, in 1988, they escape through a magical portal, meets and befriends an American girl. Director Blake Harris will direct the movie.

Emily Carey, who appeared in movies “Tomb Raider” and “Wonder Woman” will play in the role of Anastasia, the main protagonist. In addition, Amiah Miller from “War for the Planet of the Apes” will take on the role of the American girl who befriends Anastasia, and Brandon Routh from “Superman Returns” will play as Anastasia’s father.

Despite being a special appearance, Lee Tae-Ri had to take on lots of lines in English. The actor shared his excitement, “even though I’m merely a special appearance, it was very meaningful and special experience that I got to be a part of Hollywood film. This experience definitely allowed me to challenge myself. Even though I had some worries here and there, many actors have shown me kindness and generosity, so I was able to finish filming safely.”

Meanwhile, Lee Tae-Ri continues to promote abroad, as he also has a Chinese film “Mystery Fighter” premiere ahead of him. Furthermore, his other movie “The Bitter Sweet” will be released in Singapore, Taiwan, China, and more. Lastly, he is currently filming for his new drama, “Coffee, Do Me a Favor.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim