While answering a few questions during their its showcase, rookie group TREI referred to advice about music and teamwork senior group EXID gave it.

Image source – OSEN News database

At TREI’s debut showcase for their album BORN; 本 at YES24 Hall in the Mapo District of Seoul, the members talked about their agency senior group EXID. Even before the group’s debut, the public recognized TREI as EXID‘s “younger brother” group. As the “older sister” group, EXID gave the boy group a lot of advice to prepare them to succeed in the idol world.

Member Kim Jun-tae said the LE advised them to “broaden out musical spectrum” and that if they listen to a lot of [different] music, there will be a lot of things they will be able to feel. In particular, she frequently told them that it is vital for the members to get along with each other. In response, Kim thanked her and commented that he probably could not have debuted without her advice and help.

While Kim got a lot of musical guidance from EXID, leader Lee Jae-jun said that LE gave him leadership advice. She would talk to him about how to resolve conflict and how best to lead the group. Taking in what she said to him and the number of people in their group Lee said that “I think we should have good teamwork.”




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