[Hot Clip!] Watch BTS’s ‘Love Yourself’ Highlight Reel

Big Hit Entertainment has released a highlight reel of the Love Yourself clips featuring the members of BTS

BTS Third Highlight Reel

BTS has released their third highlight reel further exploring themes of life.

The third installment of the highlight reel contains the scenes featured in the first and second releases, and is most likely a conclusion to these theatric releases that explore lover, happenstance, happiness, and loss.

Another clue that this is the last installment is included in the hanja, Chinese characters used in Korean, at the end of the title. “起承轉結'”, read as gi-seung-jeon-gyeol, means “introduction, development, turn, and conclusion, four steps in composition”. While individual hanja characters have been included in the past two highlight reels, the inclusion of all four and their respective meanings hints at the conclusion of story.

Love Yourself is a thematic series that works to not only increase anticipation for BTS’s comeback, but also serves another purpose by introducing a new era in the group’s career, following the completion the Wings series of albums and promotions

The group introduced the new era with the release of aesthetically conscious pictures that foreshadowed the roles each member would take on in the series. The imagery of the Love Yourself series explores different realities and singular experiences with love, hardship, and loss — themes that we can only imagine will reappear in the albums to come. However, representatives of BTS have stated that the Love Yourself series is not necessarily connected to the pre-promotions of the group’s new albums.

The boy group has always paid close attention to themes connected with the human experience. An example of this was the exploration of the trials, tribulations, and anxieties of youth in their School era.

The group is slated to return this September. This will be BTS’s first release this year after the conclusion of their Wings trilogy with “You Never Walk Alone” in February.

Check out reel here:

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